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  1. These furniture are antiques and worth a lot to just sell them. So am finding a possible way to keep them and ship them to Bangkok. But one of the movers is asking me for Malaysian visa and Thai visa which I have none. They want to see that I use to live in malaysia and moving to Thailand. Which I am not, I just own the properties in these two countries and not living there permanently. Does anyone know of any methodfor this?
  2. Thank you I’ll do that now. Still not getting replies online quotes. Maybe too little things to move.
  3. I’m looking to move some furniture from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok and is having trouble finding moving company that does it. Can anyone help?
  4. Hello dear people, i would like to move a few pieces of furniture from KL, malaysia to Bangkok. I am having trouble finding a logistic company within my budget to move these few pieces of furniture; which includes a tv console and a dining table only. does anyone know of a company that can help move these to Bangkok for me?
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