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  1. thanks for your explanation, I thought that the 45v of the transformer would be divided by 3 leds (15v each) and making my Leds max out at around 5W each. Any dangers in trying it out?
  2. The TE-15's finally arrived and I did a test run and they worked. I hooked up 2 leds on series on the transformer. Then I noticed the dip switches and I played around with it a bit. seems like the dip switch with three up (black means up) is the brightest on all levels and when switched 3 down is the dimmest on all levels, which suits my needs more. However, I wonder WHY it worked since the old (cheap) transformer that came with the leds were rated 18-23V, 240-280 mA, per led. Does this mean I can actually hook up 3 led lights in series and put it in the dipswitches in the down up down
  3. I am in a situation where I want to hide the AC DC adaptor and I need the DC wire to be about 1,5 meters long which will ultimately lead to my led strip. I know it's better to extend on the AC side but im not able to hide the adaptor then. What is the best wire to extend DC so the voltage drop is as small as possible? The thicker the better? Won't I be better of just using AC wire then? Thanks
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