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  1. Thanks guys! Sorry to cause any confusion Its Phuket we staying just looking for good resorts and there is plenty of good ideas here cheers To some of the pedantic fellows in here you need to get out more! Fall = Autumn that means that time in the US out here - come on this isn't hard to figure out... I got some people coming and as far I know 1 person or 10 is same price so just wanted resort and take it from there does it matter how many are coming? Seems like this is irrelevent to be fair there buddy Thanks again expats Another question but tell me if I should start separate thread would be about good places to get a yacht or charter? Thanks again!
  2. Can't believe you can actually work with them being in a powerful position over you that is just pure madness. Honestly you must be very disciplined I can never imagine taking orders and fitting in with them they can barely organise a piss up in a brewery i would never allow one to be in control of anything i did besides making some food or driving a car
  3. Look at other nations - netherlands has a museum in amsterdam for sex work and the industry as a whole including erotic media and toys is actually a working sector that pays tax so why prohibit something that is obviously good for mental wellbeing and produces money for the gov Its really a no brainer look at zoning it like he said and then collect some tax and build some nice parks and high tech facilities for the education of our youth and put some money into some gov hospitals - why the hell not I will never get why they do not embrace money they should look at successes like amsterdam, vegas london and new york if they want to get rich allow sex and allow gambling it would be for the best otherwise it happens behind doors and its exploited so they should regulate and allow card games and topless waitresses and lapdance areas - watch the numbers fly up and tax coffers fill from the tourists all that would need is legal dispensaries and i would be fully bullish thai stocks to be honest that would be one hell of a mixture herb an hoes with card games on the beach <deleted> yes it would sell out someone enlighten me how they dont know what cowboy and nana is famous for ... im just a stupid american right?
  4. doesnt surprise me at all - i hear it every single day the ambulance (which no one even moves out the way for... why is this? do they not get someone could be dieing...? whats the karma for that... meh im just a grumpy old man i guess)
  5. (I need to let off steam)... Honestly I can say hand on heart they are the worst drivers in the world (no offense its not meant mean) honestly they would be in serious trouble in any foreign nation I dont get why they dont just teach them how to drive their vehicles!!!!! ITS TOTALLY INSANE. Thankfully auto pilot will come along soon and then you will see no traffic jams and no accidents because the only reason that happens here is that they simply cannot drive not worth jack and they cause all these issues because they should not be allowed behind a wheel of a vehicle yet. Who here remembers when someone crashed on empty roads at 2am where you can see peoples lights clearly in your home country...? I have never heard of such an accident. You would be banned for a good few years if you done this shit. Will they be banned here? Who will represent the homeless that was hurt in this - why no win no fee here? big money isnt it.... are they just clueless to how things work? I'm an ex fireman and honestly i dread to think what the services have to go through here dealing with this constant onslaught of insanity. The stats last time i looked was around 30 near fatal incidents per day (nationwide) on thai roads in 2018 I have never seen worse driving anywhere in my 50 years and honestly it makes me cringe just watching them try and attempt to use their vehicles... its a bit like when you let your boy drive your car and you are all nervous he might scratch it just here you have no emotional attachment to the strangers driving like mindless morons often intoxicated with no concern to anyone elses life while they proudly display the signs of their faith - a faith that promotes mindfulness, awareness and empathy and forbids headlessness, vanity and intolerance to others - how ironic. They are 'rude drivers' and there are the local drivers ... its another level when you come here... I would love to see a reality show thai in ny or thai in la where they just take a thai over to a city with real road rules and some law of order (e.g a record and no win no fee lawsuits) and let them drive the car - they will be in serious hot water within too long it would be hilarious... who can produce it? Look on youtube for thai driver you will see the funniest clip compilations sadly some are actually fatal accidents - mai pen rai krub
  6. Thanks very much!!! Im looking into this one my friend
  7. Dont fight nature - take a look at the wild its lush and green and thick All the import grass is a scam its sold at a high price then dies and they sell you again - check how they grow it - semi indoors with hydro or constant mist spray in totally abnormal conditions thats why it dies in the midday heat You just need to let natural grass seed in your area - so grow wild borders just let it get very wild and go to seed once grass seeds it gets tufts on the top now you just go around and run your thumb and finger through that head and get around 100+ seeds per time its abundant now just throw that seed over your ground Add sand and dolomite lime to the area and some spaghnum pete moss if you can Also feed with epsom salt and do not use any lawn fertiliser at all it is not needed Every few weeks stab the ground to air it just stab randomly around and leave a hose on mist in the midday After around 1 month you can just try a first cut - you need a lawn mower once the first cut is done you should have a uniform lawn begin and now you can start to give some feed What's best is use the first cuttings when fresh steeped in a bucket of water then spray that back over Rake it and cut again after 2 weeks you can add sand and rice husks for strength Try to do this during rainy season and it should be hardy enough to last all year Do not use a import grass because that is for a foreign country and will just be a pain in the neck use the local grasses and cultivate with nature - because nature knows best All foreign grass will be a huge labour to love because it wants much lower temps and less harsh sun but you will see the local grass just loves it. It makes me laugh often in thailand you see expensive resorts with terrible lawns then next door the wild wilderness is lush green and over growing... and they paid a small fortune getting that import grass redone every few years
  8. You dont need any shelter for ducks just water that is the most important because they will not lay eggs unless they can bath in water regularly also you need a fence as suggested here because they must feel secure - but they are outdoor animals and foragers that are excellent companions for a garden as they eat slugs just use raised beds and chicken wire to keep em out your seedlings If possible make a lake and plant trees so they have shelter id imagine bamboo is a fast grower thats what we use in the south back home and just let them dig around the lake and get into it The most important is they feel safe and have constant access to water but they must not be closed in
  9. condolences and hope you get a positive outcome
  10. Where is the good calzones in phuket?? I need it
  11. In the fall and around $100 a night is ok but could go higher if it was worth it
  12. Go to the hardware store in the early morning and ask around u will find some one or someone who knows someone
  13. Howdy expats! Well I have some family coming to visit and they will be bringing some family in their young 20s and they have got the idea of a thai resort sounds like a dream holiday and well when they heard their uncle lived here it was a done deal I have never gone to a resort so can anyone give me some recommendations I just dont trust the online reviews on their sites because you get a lot of fake reviews hopefully some one here can point me in the right direction The resort would be in or near Phuket patong or rawai area is good Thanks very much in advance guys!!!
  14. So sad to hear this news the roads are just so dangerous
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