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  1. Where does it actually say this? Can you send a link?
  2. Yep. Paying taxes and social. It's not minimum wage either, and they don't work full time. It's a pretty good deal. The underperformance is not from drink and drugs they've just become lazy. I think a fair sales target is the way to proceed but not sure if you can get rid of them for repeatedly missing the targets. I think however from what I've read I could issue warnings for other parts of the job they aren't doing. Following leads etc... and terminate the contracts that way. As I said I would rather not get rid of them anyway. I'll give the local labour office a bell.
  3. This was going back quite a few years ago. So I'm not sure if anything has changed since then. At the time some of the staff only wanted to work for commission only. I still have one member of staff that refuses the monthly salary, (her commission rates are slightly higher) she's very good at what she does and likes the freedom.
  4. Don't employ a Thai manager it obviously was never a problem when they were on commission only. It was pretty naive tbf. Unless I've missed it it doesn't say anything about staff on a sales target or adding a sales target and dismissing them if it is not hit over a certain amount of months. I'd rather not get rid of the staff, they were at one point pretty good. They currently receive a monthly salary plus expenses and 35 per cent commission but they seem more than happy to just accept the salary. They also work from home and not out of an office. With no written contract.
  5. A few years back we set a company and had a few members of staff on commission only. Most of those staff are now working on a monthly salary. None of them has a written contract only verbal, with an outline, of what their role requires. It's a sales job so they don't actually work from an office. Most are doing a pretty poor job, not dealing with customers to pretty much ignoring them. I'm considering getting rid or thinking about introducing targets that they must hit to in order to stay employed. Am I on dodgy ground here? I can't seem to find much information on getting rid of staff who underperform.
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