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  1. yes first METV and first time in Thailand... thanks for the advice - really appreciate it!
  2. thanks very much for the help! a few follow up questions... what documents will I need? When I first landed in Thailand I expected to be grilled but all they asked for was my passport (with the METV in it)... can I not fly back into Thailand? Am I supposed to just stay in Thailand for 6 straight months doing border runs every 60 days? Asking because I was thinking of going to Kuala Lumpur for a few days at the end of this month (at this point I've been in Thailand for 5 weeks). Ideally I'd like to stay "based" in Thailand but do short trips every month or so...
  3. Hello! Total noob here… been reading the forums for a while now! I am visiting Thailand from Canada on a 6 month METV. I think I have a good understanding about my Visa but I am seeking some expert clarification - any advice is appreciated! ;) My apologies if this has all been done to death. 1. I understand that every 60 days I have to exit the country and re-enter, but I can leave earlier if I wish to, and the 60 day counter will just start again when I re-enter. - when I re-enter Thailand during these 6 months, do I have to pay any fees? 2. A few days before my 6 months are up, I can re-enter and that will give me a new 60 days (essentially giving me 8 months). A few days before my final 60 days are up I can do 1 extension for an additional 30 days - now giving me 9 months. Two questions here: - the fee for this extension is 1900 baht I believe? - Is there any chance they wouldn’t let me stay 8-9 months? Only asking because I don’t want to be out $$ if I pre-pay for an accommodation and then I’m not allowed back in. 3. For these border runs/extension is there a preferred method/entry point to do these at - ie. land vs. air? (I’m in Chiang Mai) Thank you so much!
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