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  1. All the Foreign Exchange Documents you use to prove the funds came from overseas MUST have the correct reason on them and that has been the way for many years. The land office will not accept anything else.
  2. Try a spell check before you post next time. How is life in CHINGMAI ????? 555
  3. You'll see both bands ALL of the time. With a dual-band device it will swap between bands according to the strength of the signal, as above the 5Ghz signal suffers greater losses through solid objects.
  4. It depends on the CLASS in which you are flying on the day, not the level of your airline's loyalty club membership. Outbound on 15/8, just a boarding pass check at the Priority Lane.
  5. Routers broadcast whatever is switched on in their software, they don't flip-flop between bands, most are set to broadcast both. Find the default router log-in and rename the two bands so that is is obvious, for example STAMENT2 and STAMENT5. Your printer will then see STAMENT2 . Dual band devices will see BOTH and you can choose your preference, or if you add the connection details of both, the device will connect to either according the preference order or the strongest signal depending on how they are set up.
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