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  1. funny that, as just this very morning I was in a taxi down in rawai and the moron tried to charge me 700 baht for a 5 minute ride. word musnt be getting out down here just yet? has anyone got K. Prayuts phone number?
  2. Thailand is for thais!! Run your own country the way you want to by all means, just dont come crying to the international community for a big money bail out when your economy implodes from years of corruption and mismanagement.
  3. Why cant we speak the truth about thailand? It is what we see everyday so why can we not discuss it?
  4. BAck in my favoirte bar now folks! Kata beach today till the sun goes down. No hassle and 80 baht cocktails served to my hand.. welcome back for sure !
  5. Greediest people i ever saw there bro. Took greed to a whole new level, one guy followed me for about 500m saying smoking and coke whilst making a sniffing sound. Weirdos
  6. What a hell hole. Makes phuket look like heaven. As soon as you leave your hotel you will be set upon by taxi barons offering you drugs and hookers and wont take no for an answer!!! Then when you get to the beach you will be constantly disturbed by local hawkers and tat sellers who will give you evil looks when you dont buy anything and say things like “why mr you no help me, you big money. then there is the waitresses who talk s#*t behind your back when you dont leave a tip cos their service was diabolical. samui, what the hell has happened to you? Thank god im back in phuket,, this place like heaven yall. Its all about the money money money.
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