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  1. Which is exactly why he said 50 years. It gives him the wiggle room, after Brexit, to say, "Well old chap, I did say up to 50 years". Of course when it comes to the 50 year crunch, he, I and you will all be long gone. Crafty buggers these politicians - not.
  2. This site isn't for you then. Some girls were talking grands for s/t.
  3. You joke but I watched a BBC documentary on these websites recently. When the women refer to the punters as "sugar daddy" they are sites mainly set up for prostitutes and their punters. The women tend to be students moonlighting to make ends meet and the men tend to be businessmen stopping in hotels and wanting a lady for the night. Due to the large number of business men staying overnight in hotels, London is the epicentre of this trade but they are operating in several major cities in the UK. I believe the phenomenon originated in the US. Not dissimilar to Thai friendly.
  4. Close but no cigar. Thailand has a total ban on smoking on all it's beaches. I believe that there are several countries that have banned smoking in designated areas of certain beaches.
  5. It's my namesake. The guy's 2000 years old, no wonder he's looking a bit rough. Just giving him his 15 minutes of fame.
  6. Your anecdotal evidence is based on a sample of 1 - you. @sambums evidence is based on a sample of 2 - mine and his, which makes our evidence twice as likely to be correct as yours. Not a silly analogy about trucks, we're in Thailand, faulty exhausts on trucks is a big problem, far less healthy for far more people than someone having a quiet tab on a beach a few yards from you. BTW. Have you come up with another country yet that has imposed a total ban on smoking on it's beaches? Proving a little difficult for you?
  7. It has been said but prices are going up due to the lack of customers. They now need to make a month's salary from one customer. I don't think that many bar girls have a degree in economics.
  8. Your whole post is bluster and conjecture. EU a doomed project? You wish, it's still expanding. Your thoughts on sterling's drop in value is just that, your thoughts. There is ample evidence that a large part of the fall is due to Brexit. The THB-GBP analysis is not bogus as proved by me in previous posts. It's a combination of the strong Baht and a lack in confidence in the £ due to Brexit. Overdue depreciation? Zero evidence of that, again your conjecture. "After a few months of leaving we could be in a position far better than you imagine" Could, but by the judgement of the majority of economists, who know far more than I or you, almost certain to crash and burn with a resultant loss of a great many jobs. "After a few years I'm willing to BET that we will be however" A few years? In line with WRM's 50 years maybe, on that you could be right. "and that the EU will be on the verge of collapse from within - ok that's also a hope tbf." Again zero evidence of this and why would you hope? Sour grapes? Thanks for your post of bluster and conjecture with zero facts. After due consideration, I've given it the delete button which is no more than it deserves.
  9. Because again you say "almost all non smokers". Name one western country that has completely banned smoking on the beach. In fact name one country anywhere.
  10. The speedboat vendors primary demographic are the Chinese, which concurs with my observations in Pattaya. A lot less Chinese around than there was a year ago.
  11. Which in English means that we will only feel the full benefit in 50 years time. Which could be interpreted as we won't feel any benefit in the next 40 years. Typical politician speak.
  12. I'm the opposite. I stopped smoking for 10 years and only started again when I came to Thailand. I too don't smoke in restaurants, I never smoke in anyone's house, not even my own. In bars, I'm always careful not to blow my smoke towards anyone and ask if I'm close to someone, if they mind me smoking. However you can never please the anti smoking terrorists. Strange that I rarely encounter them in real life, they seem to exist on online forums behind their keyboards.
  13. Don't you ever have a barbie on the beach? How much smoke do you think those things give off. About a thousand cigarettes. Ban the barbie!
  14. No. Thats the way it works. The tory party elects a leader and HM The Queen says, "Do you fancy the job of P.M. BJ?". Boris replies, "Wofffle woffle barf barf" and the job's his. However, once in Parliament, MPs are entitled to call for a vote of no confidence in the Government. If they lose that vote then a general election is called. As the govenment is actually a minority and in a coalition (as you rightly point out) they are in a very precarious position if a no confidence vote were called. The show's by no means over, interesting times ahead. There's a real possibility that Boris will be one of the shortest lived PMs ever.
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