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  1. Ok So nothing to photo copy And my bad for 47 not 7 just a numbers thing Also interesting about the TM 28 no mention of that at all about that And thanks to Ubon Joe about TM 30 for wife id and house book copy Also say dating it on Sunday the 25th Going in in person on Monday with her on 26th CM imm has drive through 90 day reporting Have downloaded TM 30 doc too Yes have old TM 6 card in passport Cheers, Kirby
  2. Hi There, Just trying to jog my memory My 1st 90 day report comes up 2 Mondays from now on 26th of October as UbonJoe graciously stated previously. I am very obviously aware of the TM 7 form for 90 days downloaded But believe me I searched to find out what do you have to copy from your passport I just found the time you have before and after due date Just cant remember that 1) What do you have to copy from your passport for 90 day report ? 2( Do you have to fill out a TM28 change of address form as well as a TM 30? on behalf of wife? Wife
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