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  1. Exterior wall yes, but it's on the second floor.. And I'd have to add something to keep it dry. Some kind of roof and enclosure. Also, the units I'm looking at have heat controls and displays... Couldn't use them if the unit was mounted outside on the second floor. I thought about mounting it near the other water equipment (outside, rear of house), but then I'd have to make a 30-ish meter run to the bathroom. I really don't want to insulate the pipes, etc.. It's a lot of work. The gap between ceiling and roof is only about 50-60cm. The adjoining room will be
  2. Yeah, I think that's the only option. Although I think an 80-100L will be enough. Can crank the heat up all the way, some get scalding hot, then dilute it down with tap water. Problem is, this bathroom is really small and there's no room for a tank heater. I'm going to have to install it in an adjoining spare bedroom. It might be a while before I get this done. This is a new house and I have 10 projects ahead of this one. I'll come back and post some pictures once I get it finished up.
  3. I bought this unit at Thaiwatsadu. It's a jacuzzi bathtub. It doesn't have a heater. I guess I'll have to go with a mini tank heater.
  4. Installing a tank would of course work, but this is just for 1 of the 3 bathrooms in the house, and only for the bathtub. This is for a jacuzzi tub for the wife, that she'll probably use 1-4 times a month. A tank seems like overkill and not very efficient.
  5. What about a multipoint heater? Something like one of these: https://www.homepro.co.th/search?q=+DHC+ILEC Wouldn't a multipoint heater have better output flow? I've reviewed a some gas units, and they all (mostly) have a liter/minute rating. Unfortunately, I can't find similar ratings for these electric units. A 12 or 18 liter/minute gas unit would do the job, but it's a bit more work to get it all set up. I'd rather go electric if possible.
  6. The heat isn't the problem, it's the amount of water flowing out of the heater. I'd estimate it's about a 50% reduction in flow rate, the input line versus the output line.
  7. Hello. I'm looking for recommendations for a bathtub water heater. We have a new house, and I installed a 6000 watt Electrolux model. The house is in the north. The water heater is hot enough, but it has dismal water flow. It's fine for the shower head, but at the tap it's slow. It'll take 30-40 minutes to fill the bathtub. Water pressure throughout the house is strong. I installed an oversized pressure pump. Going into the water heater the pressure is fine. Coming out, it's slow.
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