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  1. So if all 48 members of this forum chip in a £. He should have £48 more.
  2. His story does check out. Yes he was very silly but he lost both his parents last year. He continued looking after his family by the looks of it. It's a very odd story maybe there is more to it but on the face of it I hope he gets a lenient ban of just a year and Thailand shows some compassion for the sake of his family. Fingers crossed for the guy. All you guys who think your Teflon I pray you don't find yourself in an awkward situ one day when life throws a wild card your way.
  3. I always look at Jazz and they all just look too low. No idea about other countries but I always have a peek under the front of a used jazz in a dealer and twice a sales man has guessed my concern. Big scratches on the under body. I like the jazz I just don't compare it with a br-v which seems to have a lot more space and much more suitable for us. Sienta, now that is a ugly rear.
  4. I don't blame him and the manager apologised to my wife about the guy not checking other stores so he knew what had happened from our question, he guessed it, so I'm thinking it happens a lot. I only went on the rampage to demonstrate to my wife we should never give up. I read Buddha quotes to my Mrs a fair bit as a lot of them are just common sense. That day I recall a specific quote: “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if Ihave said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense,” It just did not make sense what he said so it was great to show the Mrs how pushing a bit can lead to a different result.
  5. We use mesh cotton bags on valuable clothes so they don't get battered. I did not own one polo shirt without one of those holes you mention until we bahn ish g the mesh bags.
  6. I guess your in the market for a new driveway rhodie
  7. Thread killers all the responses to date pretty much. When the tide changes not in your favour and you are still riding the wave. I think that's something we should look at positively. Seems to me everyone thinks this is about their own personal situation, the one they admit to online anyway. With so many rule changes and continual rule misinterpretations affecting many people's day to day lives. I guess it teaches you that your patience and expectations have needed to adapt to your current environment in order to make it work. I think we all have a commonality which few like to actually admit to. Instead of seeing your fellow farang as enemies maybe we all much similar than you'd like to believe. In my case I am not and never was a sex tourist so maybe not too similar but you catch my drift.
  8. He could get a 3 month non O as a parent to a Thai child. He could get it from Vientiane subject to online booked appointment (2-3 weeks notice minimum) no financials required officially but unofficially this request for financials has been requested.
  9. Just because you have not felt them now will not mean you will not in the future. If you like seeing older guys fall foul of process changes then I guess there are no negatives.
  10. See this is just ridiculous this us against them mentality amongst the aliens.
  11. Times may be changing but humanity is not on pause for you sir. You will be an old fart too one day and I say if the OFs can handle the pain threshold that is upon us now, right on. Don't count your chickens just yet you may be person non grata one day.
  12. Is now the toughest time to be a farang in Thailand. Yesterday's men had it easier in so many ways: Bigger bang for your buck Farang novelty factor (the fat bald guys were like the kings of Los, a celebrated species) Visa were acessibble in so many ways, regardless of the route one took, they are all now more difficult. It does not matter if your plain sailing or even touching cloth every month. We have all taken a lot of hits and if like Elton John; your still standing and determined to make it work then I salute you and respect you gotta do what you gotta do. Stay strong my fellow farang, face the negatives head on and take the positive from this barrage of uncertainty, keep bouncing over every hurdle they put in your way, be the expat warrior you need to be in this modern day take on farang life in Thailand.
  13. I think it's a hierarchical thing based on a fake belief with these sales staff. Because you request there assistance maybe they believe they know more than you and can therefore try to steer you wherever they want regarding choice. That probably works with some thai people and when it does not they retreat and give up and provide phony info. Ecommerce could solve a lot of these problems it just needs tweaking a fair bit before trusting it for this type of purchase.
  14. Interesting. So basically numbers are marginally up but troops on the ground are reporting bookings etc are down. So in other words, numbers are not down but spend per head could be down in a big way. Sounds like an absolute disaster. May be with the official government now in place they can discuss it together and realise there is a problem.
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