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  1. Several years ago...Thai Stallions (125-400cc) were all the rage especially the CT-400 (being 50% the cost of the Yamaha 400cc)...the streets were wild with their loud exhaust and everyone and their second cousin either had one or was planning on getting one...the last real reviews were from 2016-18 and now, NOTHING? You hardly see any of them out-and-about anymore and they usually are the 125-150cc models... What happened...? I see their Facebook page is active but, I don't see many out on the road(s) any more... Their prices seem to have remained the same with the CT-400 remaining @ about 115,000B... No new reviews...but, then again...no complaints either... How strange? Still interested as the CT-400 (the white tanked model) is a dead ringer (well from a distance) for my 1968 CB-450 Honda... So if anyone with the inside "gimme" and willing to take a moment to share what'z up with the Stallion; I would deeply appreciate the kindness. Please let me know if I should just walk on by or run up and put my money down... Also...their 250cc V-twin seems rather cool looking in the brochure photos...any good? Thanks!!!
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