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  1. Called Nam Badan in TL. MIne cost 25,000THB. I lifted that to 30,000 on the assuption that they're not as corrupt as I think they are (yes, yes, I know...). Hey ho, still a big envelope.
  2. Non-trivial prison time without a pardon and no parole.
  3. There's only 1 real answer to the Prayuth/Prawit problem, and it isn't an insipid censure motion which they have already arranged to win. The corruption in this place is ubiquitous, and every face in parliament confirms it.
  4. Odd. staff at the PTT in my local town haven't been tested. None of them. So how do PTT know their staff are free of CV-19? psychic? Tame monks? And the air compressor for the tyres hasn't worked for 3 moths. Typically Thai. It's BS.
  5. True, but first they need to grow a pair and understand that this is *their* problem.
  6. So, same ole same ole then... from this gunner government. We're gunner do this, we're gunner do that, but we're gunner do foxtrot oscar that's useful, or even intelligent. This guy badly needs to do a Mubarak. Together with 200 or so of his decidedly non-kosher government.
  7. Good idea. Have them put something back into the society they've been ripping off for decades. The whole 'we'll-loan-you-1-million-baht-interest-free-for-a-30,000-baht-well-and-we'll-keep-the-rest-of-what-is-budgeted-while-pretending-to-look-after-you' schtick is now much too transparent for the government to keep using it.
  8. Nothing at all to do with the travel ban of course. Not at all. Wouldn't be surprised if the travel ban changed, though that would be purely a coincidence. And once in Israel, this guy will be paroled on compassionate (health) grounds. Betcha.
  9. Don't know about reservoirs, but I'm pretty sure I read that Prawit has budgeted 1 million baht for each well drilled. Mine cost me 30,000THB. Brown envelopes anyone? Get your brown envelopes here...
  10. 35... Is that counting the possible cases in border hospitals where they're out of sight and can't be tested or not counting the cases in border hospitals where they're out of sight and can't be tested? More ways than one to skin a cat... but perhaps this one's been rumbled...
  11. What? and let all that classified information get public during a court case? No, I don't think that will happen. I think that Uncle Too would rather look slightly stupid than very, very stupid. Under the carpet with it - 9 day wonder.
  12. And therein lies the real problem. In general, Thais do not ridicule this people; a combination of fear and the Thai culture which has permeated the indoctrination of Thais for decades ensures that ridicule is absent. The only people ridiculing this government, are foreigners, and it's fairly well-known that the opinions of foreigners are ignored in Thailand. because they aren't Thai or Chinese, and therefore don't matter.
  13. All of which is interesting, but completely nullified by one phone call.
  14. Time to wheel out the minister again, to tell everyone that it'll be alright after Songkran because the heat'll blow the virus away. I don't think Kuwait got the memo...
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