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  1. No worries. Plenty of foreign fund inflows coming. Just look how the Baht keeps trouncing the USD—from foreign inflows.
  2. What will they call the next pandemic to come from China? America20? CIACovid? Western Flu20? NotOurFault Coronavirus?
  3. My weather forecast: tomorrow becoming light early, with mostly sunny conditions and temperatures slowly rising... How do they make such bold predictions?
  4. That’s the key question. Instead of blithely telling us about the foreign capital inflows—they should come clean and expose the individuals and/or countries hellbent on keeping the Baht at a most uncompetitive level.
  5. Thais girls can learn to speak English. Just marry or live with an English-speaking guy. Sadly, with quarantine and a very strong currency—the supply of English-speaking foreigners shall dwindle.
  6. When you’re the top dog, the smaller dogs always nip at your heels.
  7. Thailand vying for the coveted title of most overpriced currency in SE Asia. And thanks to the continuing mysterious foreign inflows—they will trounce all other countries.
  8. Can’t wait for the Green New Deal. Will we have solar powered airliners?
  9. No owns the South China Sea. Only China can’t seem to comprehend that. But they seem quite happy with Joe Biden’s status in the US election.
  10. Does Prayut know the USD close to a 52-week low? And what about those mysterious foreign inflows that keep the Baht so high? Last question: does American rice now cost less than Thai rice?
  11. As long as the mysterious foreign funds keep flowing into Thailand—they’re good.
  12. You can’t spend what you don’t have—unless you use a credit card or mortgage your property.
  13. Never forget, the government didn’t invite you to retire here. Your girlfriend/wife/lover did.
  14. Every day the Baht rises. Could be a part of the master plan to close down factories and companies and throw millions out of work. And that would stop pollution dead in its tracks. Brilliant.
  15. Actions speak louder than words. And so far, mostly bluster from BoT. They need more factory closings, or significant layoffs, in order to take appropriate actions, I believe.
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