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  1. As long as they apply that 300 Baht tourist tax equally to all incoming tourists (including those Chinese hordes)—it seems fair.
  2. OK, so maybe that would explain the Baht rising 20 Satang on the USD yesterday. And silly me, I thought BoT took in more of those mysterious foreign inflows...
  3. Don’t they have enough revenue from those mysterious foreign inflows that come in, especially on Fridays? Baht rises in concert. Maybe they don’t love us after all?
  4. Make no mistake, vaccine manufacturers have the ultimate power to fill orders. It’s a sellers market—not the government’s.
  5. If SinoVac gives you a 50% improvement, why not take two double doses, over 6 months? No doubt some will try this.
  6. You will stay and take the vaccine we offer—or else.
  7. It begs the question: if things are so dire in Thailand—then why does the Baht remain high? Do international investors really see Thailand as the go to emerging market? Don’t they read the news?
  8. Personally I’d never accept SinoVac, and not so hot on AstraZeneca either. So a free shot doesn’t float my boat. Will gratefully pay for a Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson or any reputable vaccine with high efficacy.
  9. Not many expats want SinoVac. And as for AstraZeneca with a 76% efficacy, and 18 countries who haven’t recommended it (including the USA), it seems they need to open up the vaccine marketplace. Several vaccines have a much better efficacy. Why don’t they spend down some of their huge USD reserves for this purpose?
  10. Exactly. And we once had the means to qualify as high net worth individuals. We spent much of it here enriching lives, But now, with mysterious foreign inflows driving the Baht—we tend to cut back commensurate with exchange rates.
  11. No approval for the best vaccines—until Siam Bio goes into full production of their chosen AZ vaccine. Disgraceful.
  12. With the new, improved Biden Border, you simply walk across without vetting, They fly you and your family to any city you like and put $1100.00 in your pocket. Free healthcare, education and more.
  13. Let us all once again, give our heartfelt thanks to China, for sharing this experience.
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