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  1. Good ideas. Now work on the building blocks—better technical skills and English from the workforce. And keep improving infrastructure. Oh yes, and if you want to compete on the world stage—a more competitive currency.
  2. Can’t blame them for focus on wealthy Indian and Russians. Today the mighty Baht trounced the Euro, Pound and USD. Thailand becoming less and less alluring with every Satang Baht rise. The Chinese Yuan also seems to rise as well...hmmm.
  3. This should shed light on China’s expansionist ambitions. Thailand, are you watching and listening?
  4. Whatever floats your boat. I thought Kayleigh much cuter. And she never circled back with reporters.
  5. I know expats living on small pensions. They get by, but not sure I'd want to live in a box (room with bed). One should relocate to Thailand for a better standard of living, than one would have back in the home country. But to come here because you can't afford to live back home--is living on the edge. Currencies gyrate and you have no control of it. If you don't have the means to leave Thailand at any given time--then you risk financial disaster, by coming here to live.
  6. Millions of illegals have headed to America during the last three administrations. Your inference that they’re on the way north right now, is complete rubbish. Best estimates show 30 million illegal aliens currently residing in America.
  7. So they want to raise the minimum wage to $15./hour? Why not $30./hour? Better yet, how ‘bout $100.00/hour? I guess Democrats don’t care about job losses.
  8. This begs the question: Why do you suppose millions of illegals head for the southern border? And why now the surge in crossers?
  9. • Treatment for emergency care • Short term, in kind emergency disaster relief • Immunizations and testing and treatment of symptoms of communicable diseases • Many states (such as New York) offer them cash assistance—$300. per month in NY. • Free K-12 public education • Eligible for workers compensation • Hospitalization and care for mental illnesses Those are some of the guaranteed benefits. Many states go further, adding social services at their discretion.
  10. As long as China remains the world’s top polluter, and does little about it—it makes no sense for other countries to comply. Don’t play into China’s hands. They control the solar panel industry, too.
  11. OK, so the Baht has relaxed a little over 1% in the last week--that's good. But it's still up 7% in six months on the USD. And with an export and tourist-driven economy--they still got a long way to go...
  12. So, with millions of Americans still out of work, and many states still doing lockdown, why will the Biden Administration open the borders to millions of illegals? If we have 20-30 million illegals in the US today--isn't that enough? Could it be for political gain--future Democrat voters? Do they want to release illegals with possible diseases? And using the same compartments on the border for children that Trump used for just one month?
  13. I would much prefer six million British tourists, to six million riding those big white buses from you-know-where...
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