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  1. Hmmm...so Chinese condo buyers missing—-and USD/Baht has made a modest recovery in the last three weeks.... Could we have a correlation? Did the flood of payments (perhaps in USD) cause the Baht to rise astronomically for the past three years?
  2. Two ways to look at this. Before Wuhan virus, Thailand had millions of Chinese visitors, the Yuan was rising and the USD fell to eight-year lows. Today, China has locked down millions to control their virus, Thailand has far fewer Chinese tourists, and the USD has managed to climb back a bit. Has Wuhan virus consumed China’s spending to the point they can no longer pound the USD? On the flip side, will the virus subside—and millions of Chinese return, and the USD/Baht revisit 29?
  3. If the current regime could decouple itself from China—the Baht would relax, and exports and western tourism would flourish again.
  4. Wonder if they have Vegas odds for Thai economy. I’d take a bet against it.
  5. Well stated. When you come to retire in Thailand—you must realize all Hell can break loose—Wuhan virus, high exchange rates, hordes of Chinese and Indian tourists. Make sure you keep enough dough in the home country—so you can bail out whoever you’ve had enough.
  6. Since it’s all under control in Thailand, why don’t other countries open their borders to Chinese tourists?
  7. Yes, tragic accident—my condolences. I take my mountain bike along the dirt roads each day. Not as fast, but very few cars and trucks. And chickens and gwua Are never drunk on the road...
  8. Good luck. With an overpriced currency, and Wuhan virus running rampant—they’ve got an uphill battle going with exports.
  9. No surprise. The wheels have come off the pro-China wagon.
  10. All Dem candidates want open borders, and most want taxpayer-funded free healthcare. No thanks.
  11. Now I wish my Chinese nemesis (and friend) Traubert, can weigh in on the origin of the Wuhan virus. I have read that the Chinese top secret virus lab, located a short distance from the vilified wet market in Wuhan, could be responsible for the outbreak.
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