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  1. TM-30–no problem. 90-day reporting—can do. OA-M with marriage, and now proof of health insurance—will comply. Now can you please ask BoT to stop screwing with the hot money inflows, so we can get that damned Baht down?
  2. China does not care about downstream neighbors. Too bad Thai government has green lighted ChiComs Belt & Road Initiative. Nothing good will come of it. Look at ChiComs massive military base project in Cambodia. Thailand just a pawn in their game.
  3. Can domestic consumption save the Thai economy? I rather doubt it. Forget exporting. Nobody wants overpriced shoddy goods.
  4. BoT finds hot money bond sales intoxicating. They closely monitor the surging Baht—and do nothing. This begs the question: why?
  5. And for their part, Bank of Thailand will closely monitor the surging Baht. In other words, they will do nothing...
  6. Well it says good chance of rain on my iPhone, and it even rains (digitally on my weather app)—but still dry here...
  7. Why not focus on the Baht appreciation problem? It might help everyone if they can bring down to normal levels.
  8. No worries. A high Baht will impact all areas of Thailand—with equally disastrous results.
  9. Too bad Thailand cannot participate in the great supply line switch out from communist China to other countries. Vietnam, Taiwan and South Korea all stand to benefit greatly... Instead we hear weak excuses about how the trade war causing a high Baht...
  10. Nothing surprises me. Apparently, government quite happy with hot money inflows and a subsequently high Baht.
  11. Meanwhile, Bank of Thailand wallows in the mud, enjoying hot money kickbacks from foreign bond sales. They claim to watch the Baht closely—but that’s all they do. Tourism, exports, cash crop farmers and expats be damned...
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