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  1. Let’s see, who endorses or supports this new Biden/Harris ticket? DNC, of course. George Soros, I think. Hillary Clinton, I’m sure. Revolutionary Communism USA, yes. BLM, maybe. Antifa, maybe. CCP, most likely.
  2. That’s also the way CCP works with their BRI and lesser countries.
  3. Central bankers replied to Thai shippers: Mai ben rye. They’re hellbent on an ever rising Baht.
  4. With an overpriced currency, Thailand can and should produce products for the domestic market. No way they can export any significant amounts.
  5. At least Thailand has no ill will against the Chinese. They want to buy Chinese automation equipment. The ROW might have a few qualms, though...
  6. Last I checked, the Baht was still ungodly high. So no, I don’t think we’ll spend money extemporaneously. As for foreign tourists—forgettaboutit.
  7. All comes back to China and their Wuhan-19 virus. Once it slammed the US, the Fed had no choice but to lower interest rates and throw everything they had against the virus. Interestingly, in Europe, the banks have negative interest rates. But investors prefer to bash the dollar instead.
  8. Have you looked at imported wine lately? Price up, along the the Baht. It makes no sense...
  9. Agreed. New York City has similar problems, with the same causes.
  10. Central bankers to exporters and their millions of employees: sorry, we have orders to keep the Baht strong—go back to the farms for work...
  11. Chicago: showcase Democrat controlled American city. Defund police? Not such a good idea...
  12. Double whammy—Wuhan-19 Virus and a constantly rising Baht will assure even greater foreign tourist losses. Ditto for Thai exports.
  13. Yup, just keep that Baht up—and see what happens to the economy...
  14. “Abandon ye hope, all who enter here.” Dante—Divine Comedy
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