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  1. Thank you all for your replies! However, I have checked with several post offices in BKK and non of them said that they could pick up my stuff (door to door delivery). All of them told us that we would have to bring everything directly to the post office and pick it up from the post office at the destination. Probably things have changed, or am I doing something wrong?
  2. Hi, 1. I would like to move from BKK to Phuket. My bike and all my stuff will be sent by a small transporter from my home in bkk to Phuket (door to door) for about 6000baht. My bike was bought from an official dealer in BKK and I will take it with me to Phuket. Do I have to do anything in regarding the license plate, etc.? According to several Thais - nothing has to be done (changed). Just Move it to Phuket (they apparently did the same with their car and have never had an issue). 2. I assume my moving company is alright. However, if somebody knows a good moving company (ideally with experience) I would also be glad to get their contact details. thanks!
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