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  1. Which province, if I may ask? Did you need a rental contract? Thanks. I just can't imagine someone living here with tabien baan, but not having a bank account. Normally, long-term lease or property ownership is needed to get TB, as people reported here.
  2. Since you've obtained a yellow book, I image you have a long-term visa, my guess would be retirement. If so, you can try any of the large non-government banks near you (Bangkok Bank, K-Bank, SCB, Krungsri, UOB, etc.). Since you're American, they'll also ask for your SSN for FATCA compliance. Maybe someone will clarify which banks accept US citizens.
  3. Those who need a work permit (meaning their income is sourced from Thailand) are not "digital nomads", they can register BOI-approved company and get a Non-B visa. Giving WPs to sole proprietors would conflict with the idea of "foreigners taking jobs from Thais". For everyone else (foreign company owners) there's already a kind of "digital nomad visa" called Thailand Elite. You pay one time, and the government leaves you alone for 5-20 years (you can view it as a lump-sum tax). The cost is comparable to Non-ED visa and cheaper than Non-B+WP. I think the government made
  4. Coming soon: THAI-branded somtam stands and pad-THAI.
  5. I've opened an account with K-Bank recently (Elite visa), Residence Certificate wasn't required. I think the only bank that cares for RC is Bangkok Bank, because I have UOB and Krungsri opened with just passport on tourist exempt. At K-Bank they told me that any long-term visa will do, but no tourists. SCB wants either work permit or retirement visa.
  6. I didn't mean to compare the two. Just wanted to point out that I never needed a translator or representative when dealing with Thai officials (in case someone is worried). And there's literally no forms to fill at DLT - just your name and phone number. I'd use such service if they let you skip the queue and boring 4-hour video
  7. If you really want to bring in booze, fill up some cola bottles with black rum, or mouthwash bottle with blue curacao LOL (just kidding)
  8. So you'll need to win in court to get your money back after divorce LOL
  9. Perhaps an agent is useful in some cases like dealing with "Non-" visas at Immigration, but it's really hard to mess up at DLT. Just renewed my DL today, needed passport copies (photo page, visa page, stamp page) and residency certificate - that's it! Even if the staff doesn't speak English (which I'm yet to encounter), they'll point you in the right direction. No need for Thai wife or friend Good luck to everyone! There's plenty of threads on this forum about getting a new DL from scratch.
  10. What's the point of this? The "paperwork" is just making copies of your passport and signing them, and also signing the form, which ladies at DLT will fill for you. There's usually a copy shop outside DLT. Unless you're trying to "convert" foreign DL, which may need to be translated. Who does that anyway? Easier, cheaper and faster to get one from Immigration. I got 2-year DL on tourist visa in Chiang Mai, no problem. Never had a driving license before.
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