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  1. So they give a F... about what other people are thinking! Wow what a great personality he has. Accusing a whole country for unsafe food and then say this?! What was if we accused all Australian for their alcohol consumption and then give a F... about their reaction? Sorry but he never was credible and now is even less then that.
  2. I suppose that his online business decreased as many of them did the last two years and they are trying to make some money by claiming Asia for beeing the cause!! If Pad Thai was the cause of their health issues, they would have noticed it right the day after or at least one week later. Parasites don't take that long in the gut to manifest. Maybe the got Dengue and had the parasite already before that. But even Dengue doesn't take that long to recover from it. Going on social media with it means that they are expecting some money from Thai authorities to admit that it wasn't Thai food that caused it. Some people are very inventive when it comes to money.
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