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  1. The result: The suit and trousers fit well. The fabric is probably lower quality (even if I've been told that it is their "medium" quality). When I've tried the suit in the store, I had a feeling that it doesn't breathe very well. Unfortunately, I cannot recognize the difference between good or bad fabric when I touch it. The details are made pretty decent tbh. There are a few minor issues but if you are not a faultfinder, I think you cannot spot them at all. Overall, if you don't wear a suit every day but just from time to time to some ball, I think it was worth it (considering the speed and price). But we will see in a long time period. Price: 7K THB (tailor made suit + shirt, tie) Finished in 3 days.
  2. How much should I expect to pay for tailor made suite in Bangkok, let's say the middle quality (wool with cashmere fabric)? How long does it take to tailor it? Any recommendations? What should I be careful of?
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