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  1. Methinks someone is deluded. These were taken yesterday. they raise 2 questions: A- why was this not excavated to a proper depth in the first place? B- why, now that the majority of the reservoir can be accessed, are they not digging it out and increasing the capacity ( I realise some engineer will probably come along and say its about stress on the dam but it looks pretty shallow to start off with).
  2. I believe the Gov- no one at that level would be tempted by such a measly sum. Thank you for the interest from other provinces though.
  3. I call BS on this- the chance of a patrol cop on a check point knowing what a TM 30 is is slim to non.
  4. I WAS in cynic mode! Is anyone surprised by this (that another cop is involved, not that I was being cynical)?
  5. What, just like anyone else is allowed to appeal under Thai Law? It's the same thing with the person commenting about bail. Just because its abhorrent to some doesn't mean they are not subject to due process and allowed to use and abuse the system. Eventually he will run out of appeals. I'll mention Red Bull Boy now just to get it out of the way.
  6. It maybe that the cops have changed over. The others will recognise you to a certain degree and just wave you through if they recognise you and know you have a licence (in this case you don't!). I find this happens sometimes with the younger cops- by the time I have my licence out one of the senior guys normally tells him to wave me through.
  7. Some days the ambos in Kamala can be out 5 or more times, other days its quiet. Fortunately we have two here now, they used to have to come from Patong or Bang Tao at the very least. Cue the first one normally headed out about 20 minutes after it starts raining. They seem to spend a lot of time scraping wobbly Chinese off the road.
  8. Good old 'misunderstandings'. I get the feeling that this guy has been involved with the project, got his fingers burned or cut out and is now suffering from sour grapes. Why else would a Bangkok MP be sticking his nose into Phuket issues (sort of like some Thaigeezers!). He certainly comes across as extremely arrogant and 'do you know who I am' sort of chap. Interesting that the cop he had a go at was already at the complex- far more to this than meets the eye.
  9. Errr- read what I said please. 'Stand by for it to become a Casino within 2 years is my bet.' I am fully aware that gambling is illegal at present, hence my reference to a large building that can quickly be converted. Once a certain person pops their clogs the whole country will open up after a suitable amount of time. It ties in with what phuketrichard commented on above. Its all about the money- and I hope my comment is ambiguous enough to stop pele putting me on the naughty step again (well, it's been at least a week!). As for going down the route of starbucks, McDs BK etc personally O think its pretty sad that people would welcome that sort of thing in Kamala. Fortunately we have escaped it so far. I concur about Big C sucking the big one, yet another rumour has it that as well as a big Tescos there could be a Makro going in but as this was to have occurred last Jan I consider my source dubious at best. Also the possibility of a PTT where the Friday Market is (so that means ANOTHER 7/11. Rumours- I love them
  10. Been enjoying Hatton Garden with Timothy Spall .
  11. They cleared most of the big camp for the construction workers working on the condos/hotels/apartments across from Del Mar the other week. I think the Op is on about the steel structures being built by Fantasea. At the moment it is probably the world's biggest Elephant Hangar. Stand by for it to become a Casino within 2 years is my bet. South end of town the Mountain View has been cleared. From the Klong to 'Mayden' Corner is a big chunk of land . Interesting though I noticed this morning that at least 4 more businesses along the main road have closed but they continue to over-develop. Edit: it's not exactly 'new' either. Construction has been going on there for about 8 months (The elephant Hangar that is, not the massive development that has been pouring wast into the klong on a regular basis).
  12. They both serve beer- works for me, and to be pedantic he did say pub restaurant.
  13. The use of the word 'Veteran' is vastly used and abused. It can include someone who served 6 months, 2 years, ten years, 20 years or more. The fact that he 'served his country' is irrelevant in this case. It can also cover anyone from a Chef to a Tier One SF operator. It's very misleading and disingenuous to bandy the world about. Signed A Retired member of the Armed Forces with over 25 years of service. (Am I a Veteran or not?)
  14. Try The Haven, two doors down from Retox on Soi Lengke. Quiet except when the golfers are in and always excellent food. For mahoosive portions of good Brit food try Nicky's on Soi Buakhao same side as the hospital about another 200m south.
  15. Not to people affected by it unlike you. Why do people post in threads that have nothing to do with them? I WAS affected by this (no I don't need counselling) and as pointed out above there was no warning to allow people to take alternate routes. Not sure why this thread was posted 5 hours ago as the works were cleared by 2100 and had already been mentioned to the people who WOULD have been affected by it in the other section of the PHUKET forum. Thank you for your 'constructive input' though.
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