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  1. Psimbo

    Danish tourist dies in Phuket road accident

    Ahh- trial by people outside Phuket again- I love it. As above, a lot of the u-turns were not designed with larger vehicles in mind. Even if one is in the correct lane it's common to catch people coming through your blind spot on bikes if you don't double check.
  2. Wow- 12 bucks for a decent meal and you don't consider that cheap- what world do you live in? Similar price in germany- you have to be joking. in canada even a Mc Donalds is around 7 bucks. Ten baht extra for noodles- I bet 7-11 must love you.
  3. They were back on the streets and beach in Kamala yesterday- so much for a 'crackdown' cops just cruised past the ones on the main drag.
  4. Nice to see a Phuket story has affected those in Pattaya South.
  5. One wonders how many of the above have ever served in the military and specifically on tanks. This is hardly a huge buy of vehicles and gives the Thais the equivalent of ONE British armoured regiment when the initial buy and this one are complete. Other than 30 Ukrainian tanks the rest of the fleet is obsolete Vietnam era equipment. Why should soldier have their lives potentially put at risk because Thaigeezers think it is wrong? These vehicle are not ideal for urban situations. Recent coups have seen the 'light tanks' (CVR(T) deployed as they only weigh about 7 tons and don't chew up roads. Stingray tanks are also supposedly still around but again they are 'light tanks'. For comparison's sake the Singaporeans have 190 main battle (ie BIG) tanks, the Malaysians 48, the Cambodians 350, Laos unknown and Myanmar over 200. It's a given that the Laotian and Cambodian tanks will be in rag order. These tanks are pretty state of the art- at USD5 million a pop they are not that bad a deal.
  6. 10 DUP votes and she won by 19. Still not that comforting for her. She's still doing her best to sabotage what the people (not the establishment) voted for.
  7. Psimbo

    Time To Call It Quits.

    .... and French fries, many, many, french fries.
  8. Psimbo

    Time To Call It Quits.

    Careful- you'll be accused of being 'haughty'
  9. A good job you are leaving then- this must be the last straw! I stand by my comments in the other thread- you just seem to be trolling now with petty issues.
  10. Never mind the petulence this is a MASSIVE security breach. To even suggest that Pelosi would have been visiting troops in Afghanistan has put her life and the life of the troops there at risk. Pulling the plane an hour befor departures speaks volumes. The man is a massive hoop. Edit : I see the Bubba Trumpettes are rushing to his defence here though. More hamberders and many, many french fries anyone
  11. Psimbo

    Time To Call It Quits.

    I do not mean this in a nasty way but I take it the Op is an American by the way he writes. They always want 'paradise' to be a microcosm of their own country- so long as there is internet, Starbucks, and 'have a nice day y'all', 'I am your server and today's specials are (that one really grips me!)' they are content'. Who walks up to a hotel reception and wants to be greeted with 'How may I help you'- it's a RECEPTION! When things don't go as smoothly and as sickly as they like its instant 'this place is excrement'. Face it guys there's a big wide world outside the US and most of us are happy with it bumps and all. yes there are problems with thailand but there are problems everywhere- its part of the life experience. Edit: just seen the above post #57 and will add 'criticism'- they hate it when people differ with their views and instantly have to go on the offensive. MAGA.
  12. Edit: As i can't do it above a couple of other bits. If I have something minor I have no issues with Patong Hospital- they have stitched me up a few times from Hash injuries. If I had a serious break i would go to Vachira and see the german Doc. a guy shattered his leg in four places on the hash a couple of years back and he went there. Dr German put in screws and an external bar, can't remember how much it cost. guy went back to the UK and the surgeon there said he couldn't have done a better job himself. Bearing in mind he deals with motorbike accident victims every day he has the experience. he recently did a friends knee replacement as well. He deals with what is needed- BIH will go platinum route and do all sorts of unnecessary treatment, especially if they can ramp it up up the insurance. Very quick to put plates, screws and bars into simple fractures when a cast would do. They once wanted to charge me 120k for an op- turns out Ihad tennis elbow. brufen and tubigrip fixed the problem in a week. So in order of seriousness for me: Patong Mission Vachira BIH
  13. Psimbo

    Good tv series

    Binge watcher! Managed 4 episodes last night and would have done the other two if I hadn't noticed the time. So much for mellow pot heads! No wonder people are still working the black market with all the barriers that have been put up by legalising it in California. I think one couple wer in up to about 100k to comply with all the bureaucracy.
  14. Psimbo

    Patong - The Wake

    TAT is British slang for 'crap' and with reason. They skew their stats on a regular basis to the point that they are farcical. Taking on other people's points about the girls. With the advent of Thaifriendly and Tinder the girls are more savvy now and realise they don't have to sit around in a grotty beer bar all night to make some cash- this is part of the reason the bars are on their ersses. I know a girl that works off these sites and takes 2 clients a day, an afternooner and an early evening usually- she's made her cash and is happy. She can then get on with life for the rest of the night. With the discos you have this crazy situation that freelancers don't even go out til about 0130 in the morning, part of the reason i have always advocated that the nightlife in Phuket needs to start earlier, not later, and close earlier as it does in other parts of Thailand. people don't want to hang around that late to get laid.
  15. I go to Mission for most stuff- with the Kindle I can handle what some refer to as the 'Zoo'. Parking can depend on when you get there but I've never managed not to get a space. Total cost for seeing the Doc and 4 months meds for something last week was B948- I wouldn't get through the door of the International for that. it can be a bit chaotic in there - it's just a case of picking what time you go in. I have noticed prices creeping up everywhere over the past 12 months- my bill for the same thing last Jan was B772. I will do my annual physical at Mission next week and including extra tests that I want it will be under 4k. This includes a dental inspection (and a meal). Interestingly enough they claimed I needed 3 fillings last year. I later saw my dentist of many years at the entrance to the Int and he said there was no need to have them re-done. IIRC he is about B800-1k for a check and clean depending on how filthy ones mouth is. I suffered a detached retina a few years back and the only place that could deal with it was Bkk Int. They have wanted me to go back for follow-up checks for 4 or 5 years now. One thing I won't mess with is my eyes. Its at the point now that with an all clear for a number of years i see no point in the annual checkup which is around 5k IIRC. If I am fine again next month I will bin it in the future. PI used to do Lasik but I guess they didn't have the custom and binned it a couple of years after I had mine done in 2011. Mission is a 7th Day Adventist Hospital so unlikely to be swept under the umbrella of the international group,