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  1. Phuket is [email protected] STAY AWAY (brought to you by us selfish people who love the current tranquility but feel sorry for all those who have lost their livelyhood- except for taxis, minibus drivers and tuk tuk drivers of course).
  2. That's what they always do (as you pointed out) and you lose a day (in your case two!) All the stamps and papers are in the passport normally within 20 minutes of submitting it. The delay is so the senior officer upstairs can sign off on it once all the paperwork has been done. I counter this if I need to slide my 90 day reports by using the 7 day grace period. I'm normally away early July and need the 90 days slipped as close to my renewal date as possible. Its another thing I personally find handy instead of online reporting.
  3. What a load of bull puckey. Why would Couples 'hook up'- unless they are 'hooking up' with other couples. The hint is in the word 'Couples'. Yet again a misleading headline.
  4. They are business as usual for retirement extensions. Well they were the other week when I picked up the forms for when I do my one in Jul. There were a number of people being processed. So far as I am aware the 1 Aug (well-3 Aug) thing does not apply to extensions (in Phuket), especially with the sub-district lockdowns lifted. Our resident man on the spot may may be able to confirm, if not pop in and ask- they are not overly busy at present.
  5. Ahhhh- 'The Liberals'. Surprised you didn't use 'Lib-tard'. Quickest way possible to lose an argument to be honest. Keep drinking the Orange Kool Aid.
  6. Could it have been the mission to the Space Station?
  7. Just spoke with someone who came back onto the island this morning. You drive in, park up and wait your turn in well spaced chairs. Show paper or QR on phone, along with ID (Thais ID card, Foreigners passport), then you are cleared and back to your vehicle, She pre-registered yesterday. Said it was hassle free.
  8. I agree - this is the sort of role model people need at the moment. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/05/31/us/flint-michigan-protest-police-trnd/index.html
  9. 'Savages'? Pretty clear from this and other statements of yours above where you stand on the issue. I suggest Bubbas-R-Us.com may be a more suitable place for you and a couple of others on here to hang out. How do you feel about cops beating people who have not actually been involved in looting and rioting, or saying 'light em up' before engaging them with high powered paintballs in a quiet residential neighbourhood. I do not condone the violence but neither do I condone the storm trooper tactics of some heavily militarised police forces.. Its a sad day for the US and a sad time for the people of the US. I served in a military that was actively involved in riot control for a number of years and if I had behaved in this manner I would have been prosecuted,
  10. At times like this a great leader needs to step forwad and unite the people. Oh, hang on- I've just spotted the flaw in that statement
  11. Are you ABSOLUTELY sure you want him to get involved- he's already talked of shooting looters and releasing dogs on people. I'll ask you again, are You ABSOLUTELY sure you want him to get involved. Now having formed your answer I'll ask you again. On reflection the novelty value of what he may come out with next has me waiting with bated breath. He's living proof that throwing gasoline on a fire does not put the flames out.
  12. Almost Paradise. Ex-DEA cop goes to Cebu and miraculously solves predictable drugs operation, sex trafficking, evil Canadian toxic waste dumper and nuclear weapon from nuclear sub so far. Predictable entitled Americans, and obnoxious Aussie drunks, but no shaven headed Brits in football shirts yet. It does have two things going for it though- Samantha Richelle (she may have Instagram and Twitter sites- allegedly).
  13. Psimbo

    Take a hike!

    From Bang Wan you can get to the Naka mast, Kalim, Kathu Waterfall, Cherng Talay and Manik Dam- just a case of getting up there and exploring. There are a number of other places to access the hill as well. Once things ease anyone interested in the hills could consider the Saturday Hash or Tinmen Hash- a good way to see parts of the island you wouldn't normally think of. First pic is of a 9km walk near Naka, heading up the hill 400m North of the Orbators. Reason for the back and forth was looking for trails and ways through. Second one is a 12 km walk going up the hill by the waterfall. Bottom part of the picture is the ridge road that leads to Kalim.
  14. I'm sure they will give the opinions of thaigeezers due consideration.
  15. Just read the first ten posts and decided to sack it. The same people whinging about them investigating are the same people who would be whinging if they weren't.
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