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  1. Why buy cheap tyres in the first place? As the part of the vehicle usually with the most contact on the road surface why would you want to scrimp? You get what you pay for and ultimately end up paying more. Splash out on a decent set of Michelins.
  2. Mass panic will ensue- I see we are already up to 5 pages of outrage and indignation. The SALE of alcohol may be banned (good luck policing that ) but the CONSUMPTION is not. never stops Thaigeezers getting their knickers in a twist (panties in a bunch for our Murkin friends) though.
  3. Come back in 'a couple of moths' with stats of how many have actually left. it's complete testicles. Nice to see we have ANOTHER thread on one issue. Why can't people chill out, wait a couple of weeks and see what actually emerges.
  4. 'I expect to be sued'- so that's weeks if not years of time in court and the lawyers get rich. Sa-weet. Also New York state's attorney general, Letitia James, said her office would challenge Trump in court. I wasn't aware that New York was a Southern Border state- reeks of political posturing and yet again more money to the lawyers. i can't find the exact quote but I think it went along the lines of 'If Moron was a TV series Trump would be the Box Set'.
  5. A purchase gets you free parking for a certain amount of time but you have to track down the security guard with the chop. They are not at all access points from the Mall. Once chopped present the receipt to the toll booth and they should let you through. Sometimes its quicker to just pay the B20 which is no biggy other than to 7-11 lurkers. Personally i will probably park in JC then walk across.
  6. I think this is about applying for the INITIAL Retirement Permit, not extensions. This has always been the case here of 2 months (and elsewhere) for the first seasoning then three months after. Down to arriving, setting up a Bank Account, etc. Won't affect the likes of us anyway methinks.
  7. Groundhog Day- the usual wailing and rending of clothes.
  8. Don't worry- someone has just opened yet ANOTHER thread about this in Phuket in the Visa section. Give me strength.
  9. I can see from the innane comments that none of the posters have every apparently done a military survival course. It pays to actually read the article instead of just beatch about it. "Royal Thai Marine instructors showed the troops how drinking the blood from a cobra can help them stay alive if there is no drinkable water and can also provide essential nutrition." Most troops are trained how to live off the land in an emergency and the press has chosen to sensationalize a very small part of what will have occurred. I guess its better that soldiers don't know what vines they can get water from, which animals they can safely slaughter for food and which water sources they can use in an emergency. Wouldn't want to upset the Vegan Snowflakes would we!
  10. Are you in Phuket? Are you directly affected by this story? Do you need counselling?
  11. What's the difference between a Fortuner and a porcupine? The porcupine has its pricks on the outside!
  12. B400 fine, pays for the power pole and the bus. Nothing about the inconvenience caused to people with loss of power, internet, etc. What a frikkin joke. Edit: the rescue foundation has put up dashcam footage of today's Mong Driver casually riding up the kerb in the middle of Kathu, straight into a light pole. Darwin rules in Phuket.
  13. This was supposed to be a Phuket specific thread and how immigration DOWN HERE were approaching things. Unfortunately the original Op did not include Phuket in the title and is unable to amend it. Therefore it has been hi-jacked, which is what we did not want to happen. As different Immigration Offices take different approaches we just want clarification of procedures in PHUKET, without clutter and 'advice' from other areas of Thailand and outwith the country. Enjoy your beer.
  14. No specs involved at all- i know the reality of the place. Come the first of March there will be little noticeable impact in Phuket (which is what this thread is about) but the chest beating and wailing will continue. Things will be fudged so that a transition can be made and there will be scarcely a ripple. To suggest things will slam down over night is ludicrous. 20 odd threads on one subject- if that isn't hysteria I don't know what is. Maybe we can stick to the core of THIS thread and how people in PHUKET will be affected.
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