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  1. I was on a Hash run the other day, at least 10 people were wearing the same Decathlon shoes (Kalenji Trail XT7). I have had my current pair for about 18 months and have another pair in the cupboard for when they blow out. Unlike a lot of other shoes the sole is direct molded and doesn't split after getting wet. Very comfortable, decent price and a very good grip over most surfaces. There's a handy little pocket on the tongue to tuck your laces into as well. I've seen others come back from a run in Salomons with the sole hanging off- an expensive alternative. At B 180
  2. Sycophants of the world (well- the US) rejoice. Personally I wonder if he actually had the virus in the first place. 3 days to recover when it took the Brit PM 3 weeks (albeit this was earlier on in the pandemic) and others take similar amounts of time. Its not as if Trump isn't a serial liar and its the type of stunt he would pull, especially as he is struggling in the polls. "Hey look at me, I beat this virus with the help of Gawd and the power of being the bigliest brain in the world,. Even my son only had the virus for about 3 seconds as he has my orange blood
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