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  1. Name an intimidated witness. Who is concocting misleading statements? And to whom? Who has intimidated witnesses? What is the name of an intimidated witness? Who is withholding witnesses? Is that against their will? How are they being withheld? Wouldn't that be considered kidnapping?
  2. Fantastic idea, put them both under oath and start asking questions so the American people can see their responses.
  3. Just sent my child off to school. I suggested to many of the children that they request to be able to smoke cigarettes in class. When the teachers deny their request they will then ask them why they are breathing the equivalent of a room full of smokers? The school continues to hide when asked why they haven't installed air purifiers in the classrooms.
  4. Makes me wonder where you learned to read English. I reference a stupid society. I didn't say which society was stupid. Try reading my quote again.
  5. And isn't this one the best? PrichapatchaPataPitaPorn dear, I'm coughing .. what should I do? Head to the hospital!
  6. The doctor claims that all this smog will lower the IQ of the population. Haven't those of you who have not had your IQ lowered, wondered why they allow this abomination to happen year after year? A stupid society believes what they are told. Smog anyone?
  7. My OA expired 3 years ago. That date is well before the 31st of last month. Why do I have to show anything?
  8. My OA which I entered here 4 years ago is exempt from this requirement? I have now 2 retirement extensions.
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