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  1. You make great points. I don't think Fury ever really hunts the knockout though. Even yesterday, he knew he had him and was slowly drowning him. Once you start head hunting for it and sort of zone in on the knockout bad things can happen and you can get caught. He knew the KO was coming, it's why he didn't even blink when the ref took a point. You can tell when your opponent is done. Especially in the clinch. Tyson said that Deontay was so weak in the clinch towards the 5th that he felt like he was almost holding him up. I was very impressed with the second knockdown with that body shot. Showed great IQ. He ruined Wilders gas tank, stifled all his power and really took it to him. Great points, you're well educated haha. Next time you are in bkk let's grab a beer. I love when guys on here know about combat sports
  2. Anyone who isn't impressed with fury doesn't understand boxing. And to compare fury to iron Mike is laughable they are polar opposite fighters and fury is legit a foot taller lol. It's not the same style of boxer. He's slick, he counters, he moves his feet. Although he's soft and show boats, Tyson Fury is a bad dude and one of the most natural fighters the sport has seen in the past hundred years. Those gypsies can box. The ability and skill Tyson shows while being that big is unreal
  3. Was a masterclass. A supposed pillow fisted slick gangly heavyweight went in there and out gunned the hardest and most dangerous puncher in the sport. He put on the mass to weigh on wilder in the clinch, fought dirty when he needed to and absolutely beat Deontay pillar to post. Not sure what you watched but that was an incredible display by Tyson. Flawless other than the two bombs he ate in the second.
  4. For this with Facebook. This funny meme video sums up the entire fight https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10222588115791251&id=1222412079
  5. The co Main ended halfway through which sped the card up I think. They've also been timing their shows off when the UFC ends recently. There was also a UFC card today. They actually held the last Canelo fight back by an hour because of the Jorge masvidal VS Nate Diaz fight. Could explain the time discrepancies you guys mention
  6. Those clubbing shots behind the ear are the absolute worst. I got elbowed there once fighting on a show in Pattaya and it hurt for a week and I was dizzy the rest of the night. Completely kills your legs
  7. It's not actually. I just finished watching the presser. His eardrum is completely fine. His coach said so. He did have a cut on the inside and need two stitches but no actual damage
  8. Also Tyson is the absolute definition of inspiration. Had it all, absolutely ruined his health and life. Threw everything away. Clawed up from the ground, turned it all around and has turned his last two years into the real Rocky story
  9. FURY!! Looked unbelievable. This female commentator needs to be fired. She was so pro Wilder it was embarrassing. Who gives a hoot if Wilder got his ear drum burst? Tyson did it with a punch. Absolutely horrid commentary tonight but a master class by Tyson.. Next time Deontay wants to make fun of someone's mental illness he better make sure he doesn't get his ass kicked and embarrassed in the process
  10. All you need to know about elephant pants is that the Thai's won't even wear them. Which is saying something because the Thai's will wear anything.
  11. Haha I'm probably boring company for most other expats. I'm only 32
  12. The closest station would be victory Monument. Closest to my work. 5 minutes by walking
  13. OP answer the man. Did you, sorry. did he ejaculated We need the facts.
  14. Post of the year right here. I've never laughed so hard on this website
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