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  1. Go stay in your friends condo. Don't report. In 10 days you fly out. I doubt very much you or they will get any trouble.
  2. It's the hotels problem if caught and they are the rules. Not my plomplem. I never get asked for my ID upon entering into an hotel when the missus books in. Up to others if they decide to make the hotel report their stay.
  3. And that's what it seems to be on this forum, a drama. To avoid doing a TM30 report all one has to do is get the missus to book the hotel room using her ID card. Job done, no TM30 to do. As far as immigration know Johnnie Foreigner still at base.
  4. Sound advice but these days people always look for the easier option.
  5. I'm surprised no one from the 'if you don't like it then off back to your own country' hasn't posted.
  6. Strange that the police have to offer a reward for reporting street racers when it's so in ones face. Do they walk around with their eyes closed? On top of that the police receive 95% of the issued fine. That in itself is a bonus.
  7. Quoting someone that never actually said what is being quoted is I'm sure against forum rules? Where did you get these quotes from. They certainly aren't from my posts. As for the awkward questions and document requirement the other day at immigration was/were clarified today with a visit by 2 IO officers. They explained that these are normal questions that are asked on a first 'Marriage Extension'. Hence why I didn't know before hand. As an extra. The photo's required for a 'Marriage Extension' were retaken again by the visiting IO's. First outside the property showing house number. Second sitting inside the house and third on our bed.
  8. Best Video Streaming Sites As Youtube Alternatives Dailymotion – Popular Video Sharing site like YouTube. If it is not YouTube, then it is definitely Dailymotion. ... Vimeo – Best Video Streaming Alternative. ... Metacafe. ... Vevo. ... Twitch. ... The Internet Archive. ... 9Gag TV. ... Veoh.
  9. If I paid by my UK debit Card then refunds went back there. But because I paid by COD they had no where to put it as I never used my Thai bank to pay. So they stuck my refund in a 'wallet' and told me to 'Activate' the account. Upon trying to do so caused a big problem in that being a farang I couldn't open one. So why in hell put it in there? Still haven't had my refund and I'm somewhat pissed about it as when I contact them I may as well talk to myself.
  10. I didn't tell stories as you say. Youreavinalaff.
  11. I didn't want to but there was no way I was going to leave 400,000 in the bank untouched for a year with doing a Retirement Extension. I only gave half the story of todays visit. I/we were in there a good hour and a half and I dread the future regarding living in Thailand.
  12. The proof of my marriage being real is with the KR2.
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