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  1. Why want the Thai economy to recover? Don't you want to go back to the exchange rates of years ago?
  2. It brings into question all the other cases he's been involved with since joining the police.
  3. Yeah but grossly overpriced. Thais expect to recoup the interest costs they've endured for the last 7 years when selling a used car.
  4. Why, if you are doing everything legal? No need for cash in hand.
  5. You are talking tosh. I fully understand the rules. The officer is applying the rules according to his financial gain in doing so.
  6. Had that happen to me at Kap Choeng. My money for my extension requirement was in 2 separate accounts but both in Bangkok Bank. Male officer claimed I was trying to mess him about and threw my papers onto the desk of the woman officer next to him and walked out. The woman officer never had any problem.
  7. I'd imagine they write it down in case you have your mobile phone recording the conversation. Hence why I said they're getting more deceitful.
  8. Them immigration officers are becoming even more deceitful. Last year I hadn't seasoned my monies long enough by about a week. No problem to go away and come back in a week. The officers started writing on a piece of paper. Then passes it to the wife. He'd written '15,000' will make the problem go away. I refused. PS. That was at the football stadium Buriram.
  9. How sad. You just think of yourself and not those who follow.
  10. Ever had your old passport stamps transferred to your new one? No I didn't think so. 500 Baht is usually asked for, no receipt, when it's a free service.
  11. But would you pay 500 Baht for a 90 day report if the officer asked you? According to your beliefs you would bite your tongue.
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