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  1. Does Sidegra work? I'll say it does. I dropped one in a lift the other week and the lift wouldn't go down.
  2. What a bunch of hypocrites immigration are. Going around in fancy cars arresting over-stayers when they are illegally providing under the table extensions.
  3. So's mine in 14+ years. I once had my Retirement Extension monies in 2 separate bank accounts but the sum together was what was required. A new staff member refused to accept it saying 'it had to all be in one account. The officer in the adjacent desk lent over and corrected him. I got my extension. Nothing to do with this thread really but I just thought I'd mention it.
  4. Fixed term accounts are acceptable. They usually want to also see an ordinary account book with movement in it. Of course there's taxes. What do you want me to do, work them out for you? And my money for my extension is deposited in MY account 3 months prior to application. Please read previous posts. It helps.
  5. With a little bit of brains you can do it. I've been doing it now for many a year. The offence happened between 2009 and 2012. Long before measures were brought in to prevent the likes of happening. What the link shows is people using the legal system to get their monies back. It not a claim on the CU.
  6. Christ do you people not have brains. First of all immigration do not accept CU's as banks. Well they did initially for 2 years when I first used the CU and decided after that they wouldn't. Anyway, obviously you can't use the fixed term account as you need to remove the savings and put it in a Thai BANK for the 3 months prior to extension renewal. So you have a 4% saving account which you use to move money about for said purpose. Any monies you don't need to play about with you put it in your wife's name and get the 6%.
  7. You need to locate a Credit Union near to where you live and ask them for information. Different Union different rates. YES in Thailand At the end of 2018 there were just under 2,000 Credit Unions in Thailand The high rate in our Union is only given to Thais based on a fixed term. The lower rate is not fixed and can be accessed with no penalty. Neither me or my wife work.
  8. A Credit Union fixed term will give you 6% if in your Thai wife's name. For your extension put it in your name at 4% interest accessible anytime.
  9. Yes we do know how long he's been gay. You don't just become gay when you turn 30 or any other time. Your genetic footprint is already written at birth. If not all gay men are repulsed by sexual contact with a woman then they must be bisexual. In this case he doesn't admit to being bisexual so he's quite obviously gay and is proud to get up and state that. There fore leaving his poor wife thinking 'in 27 years how did I not see that'? I assume that will leave her needing counselling. Some people have a very narrow minded view.
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