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  1. Domestic violence, yes. I shouldn't have included that. Poverty is a factor in violent crimes, so PoC and indigenous people are over-represented in the stats. The salient point is that PoC are targeted specifically because of their skin colour, by non black males and police. That's the main issue in these protests.
  2. Because being white gives you privileges that black people are denied. Of course all lives matter, but racism has deadly consequences. And it's not just blacks, it applies to being non-white, non-male and non-straight as well. People with brown skin, women and homosexuals are all targets of violent white men. One woman per week is murdered by her partner in Australia. Bashing poofs is a sport in Oz, especially for blokes who spend a lot of time at the pub and regard 'f***in' as an essential part of their vocabulary. If you're a white, straight male, you're automatically placed at the front of the queue - every single day of your life.
  3. They're not, but I'm glad you asked. Australia has its own history of racism, massacres and a long list of Aboriginal deaths in custody or by police at the scene. Events like the George Floyd killing can act as flashpoint for global protests about racism and police brutality.
  4. Urr, not exactly. Marcia Rigg's brother Sean Rigg lost his life in the UK, after an encounter with British police saw him restrained in a prone position for seven minutes. For her, the parallels with George Floyd's death are painful to note, but they serve to re-ignite her fight to shed light on police aggression on home soil. https://www.elle.com/uk/life-and-culture/a32742001/marcia-rigg-anti-racism/
  5. And your point is? Nazis are only human? Make Slavery Great Again? Being white and privileged I can comfortably and easily brush off racism and repression of minorities, but I don't.
  6. Please provide a list, and some evidence of that which you don't see - oh right, of course you can't. Here are a few, off the top of my head. Amazonian indigenous groups Rohingyans Palestinians Aboriginal indigenous groups of Australia and Canada How can I name these groups so easily? Because they are frequently in the news, due to their being 'disenfranchised and decimated' by people in power. You imagine nobody cares, but maybe that's just you.
  7. One unsupported assertion and one assumption. Neither worth the trouble to refute.
  8. He looks like a good person and a good cop sitting with black kids and sharing lunch with them. Anybody who thinks all cops are bad is an idiot. OK. are you defending bad cops because 'reasons'? It seems like quite a few here are looking for reasons to defend what looks very much like an intention to kill a man, or at least complete indifference to the strong likelihood of his dying. I can't fathom the motivation to defend it, other than racism and/or politics.
  9. The other officers should have intervened. Failure to do so may make them accessories to the crime. It may be claimed in court that they were unaware of the high risk involved in the prolonged use of the knee on the neck, and were preoccupied with 'crowd control'.
  10. I think you meant to type 'escalate' not 'end'. That would make more sense, at least.
  11. Yes. There are some amazing young musicians around. No finer example than Jacob Collier.
  12. My (13 yo Thai) daughter has matured from Black Pink and BTs, to Daniel Caesar and Phum Viphurit. Couldn't be happier. There's a lot of <deleted>, especially black music from the USA*, but there's a lot of great music too. *Watch some Soul Train clips to see how awesome black music in the US used to be. There are some great documentaries on major black musos on Netflix. The Beatles had chemistry. And we know what happens if you fool around with chemistry too much. It blows up in your face.
  13. What a strange comment. Do you have any stats to back it up - for this stat loving 'liberal'?
  14. My experience has been that Thais are honest (and always polite). They tell me when I accidentally pay ha roi instead of ha sip. Maybe dishonesty is more likely in the big smoke?
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