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  1. Thank you for the helpful replies. Lily, Epacket works is cheap, and is SLOW, although a package I sent to Europe took a few days only. I might guess they accumulate them and send them at once, but really have no idea. You just can't tape it - you have to use string, which is weird, but I've never had a problem. Never tried ISAL. I will, next time I need to take a package closed. Sorry it took me time to answer. I didn't come back here for a month because I was figured there would not nothing <snip>
  2. I'm selling some things on Ebay and would appreciate advice from experienced people on comparative Thailand Post rates and packaging. These are low value items that do not need to be insured; I'd come out better covering the cost of the occasional lost package than paying for insurance or registered mail to track them (also, the US Postal Service doesn't resume the tracking, annoyingly). Question 1 - Postal Rates: Looking at the Thailand Post rates for shipping small packages (link below), I see no ostensible advantage of "Epacket" over "Small Packet" for my situation. I've been shipping small packet rate for a long time with no problem, and it looks like the cheapest option. It's a fiddly system though, and I always wonder what happens to all that string once it reaches the US. With Epacket, can I use a padded envelope and tape? There's a third option: Thailand Post "Economy Air Mail" also called ISAL (International Surface Air Lift). Has anyone used it? https://file.thailandpost.com/upload/content/Booklet_TH_Post_2018_5b5fc5de167eb.pdf Question 2 - Boxes: I've been buying the Thailand Post boxes, but have accumulated a surfeit of small boxes. Has anyone tried shipping Small Packet or Epacket rate with other boxes (covering all writing, bar & QR codes, of course). Thank you
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