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  1. Even if one sucks in Thai, I guess that after 7 month one should be able to have a simple conversation. They won`t discuss about physics with you, but saying nid noi killed it. Like always in Thailand they would have lost the interest after 3-4 answers in Thai. Moreover Thai ppl are super impatient. Whenever I am lazy to speak Thai and they know I am able a "phuud cha cha khap" makes them loose the interest:)
  2. It`s not a crack down, but just some issues a specific entry points. If your assumption was true, no long-term tourist would be here anymore, as we have to leave every 60 days. It`s a 100% subjective denial with no clear pattern. I nearly got denied in July with 108 days in Thailand 2019, so the 180 rule (which is just an excuse, as there is no law) wasn`t the reason. Sure, I was over 180 days in 2018, but that`s not the issue here. No one know HOW they apply their fantasy "you stay too long"-rules, so therefore it`s just subjective. What about guys, who use the METV and max it out to 8 months, while travelling a lot and stay under that 180 day- fantasy rule? They also may get denied, because some over-motivated IO may think they stay too long. But in reality it`s fully legal do that year after year. So everyone needs a Plan B/C to minimize the risk. I have it, but won`t share it publicly for sure.
  3. That`s simply not true! Noone with a decent job/property in Thailand gets denied from the Germany Embassy in Bangkok. That counts for tourists with a fixed itinerary and thai gf`s coming for a visit. But what do you expect, when some low-class woman without a job or a sub 20k Baht job goes to the embassy, asks them for the maximum stay, tells them she and her teerak met during his 2 weeks holiday in Thailand and so on? lol Those are no fake stories, as my gf saw that happen every time when she went to the German embassy. She never ever got a problem and all I had to do was the usual invitation letter. She pays the flights, insurance everything on her own, so do all her friends with farang bf`s. 5 min Q&A at the embassy with some pics of us together....that`s it. So the process isn`t really that time-consuming + with the clear set of laws/rules a Thai tourist with a visa knows he/she won`t face problems at the immigration. She has the 1 yr visa knowing exactly what is the maximum period of time she could spend in theory in the Schengen-Area.
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