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  1. Poor him and the sadest part is that he wants to return again! TH is a great place...but not with 86. If you have a Thai family, kids here (and I mean OWN kids, not married into)....then it’s a different story. But all other scenarios will end in a disaster.
  2. Honestly ..pls for gods sake stop all that curfew sh**!!! It was shortened from 10 to 11 pm, but in practice NOTHING changed here in BKK . Malls and supermarkets close 8pm, Nightmarkets 9/9:30pm, you can’t dine out properly, as you don’t know when the restaurants close exactly etc. This curfew is killing everything. I don’t need to go to clubs or bars until 1-2am, but I would love to have the old opening times. Malls, restaurants until 10pm, if I’m hungry at 11pm go to 7/11 or grab some street food etc. Most places are still suffering a lot from the „new normal“ and social distancing...so no curfew a all would be the right step for people to feel a bit more comfortable again.
  3. Dream on! Thailand...from zero measures at the beginning (letting Chinese enter as they wished) to ridiculous, over the top measures. Like always....Thailand implements ideas without thinking how they will work in practice. The only thing which will happen is even a higher unemployment rate. Even the most stupid Somchai will stop dining-out in malls with those measures or go to the mall to just stroll around. The check-in/out at the main entrances is ok, even I personally don`t like it . Everything beyond that is just ridiculous.
  4. They won`t be able to keep that for a long time! Well..a bit longer than anywhere else, as most Thai people are just robots! If it makes them feel better, one check-in when you enter the building is ok (though i`ll be eternally lost in there, as I do not plan to check out). What they will have to change is the ridiculous check-in/out at shops WITHIN the malls. I surely won`t wait in a line to be able to stroll around Zara or Uniqlo. At least here in BKK, Sundays is the usual "Stroll-around-Mall-day-with-the family". This will surely stop with the current conditions.
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