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  1. That route on RJ is a 5th freedom flight. I`ve taken it quite often in Economy/Business Class and it`s never full, as many travellers aren`t even aware of that flight. Same like the QR flight in the past, which came full from Doha, but departed nearly empty to Hanoi. So if they say the flights are fully booked, I most probably a lie.
  2. I know one person, who got his work permit via iglu, but in his case he really had a business in Thailand. ( and he told me it was around 50k/year and they helped him with tax-related issue. However, I never asked for more details). Isn`t the other case the same like the fake ED-Visas with some black-sheep language schools, where you never attend classes? After all what`s going on, who knows when that trick is cracked down .I don`t want to give the immigration even the slightest possibility to accuse me of operating in the grey-zone afterwards.
  3. Well I flew in with a totally new, blank passport and was faced with several pages of all my entries:) Will look for an ED Visa in 2020 anyway, before getting married in 2021. If it wasn`t for my gf, I wouldn`t be here anymore. Just sick of the IO-games without 100% clear rules. Especially when the Embassy in my home country told me, the METV is the best solution, after I told them my issue in detail.
  4. Sure it is and I`ve been too naive in this regard. But I sticked to the rules, didn`t work illegally and really travelled extensively. There should be a clear rule then (like for example not more then two consecutive METV visa or whatever). Moreover, the embassys in the home countries should be more strict, but seem they don`t care, as you give them your money.
  5. Well so in your case you had no valid S/METV then and just entered with the normal 30 days stamp right? That topic is just giving me headache, as I still need 2 entries in 2019. 1 can be done by land-border at Padang Besar, but the 2nd is already fixed, as I am booked with my girlfriend on a Singapore Airlines F/C-Ticket from Japan.
  6. They always write next to the visa class on the stamp...in the METV case it`s TR. On the top of the stamp is the flight number. As you flew with Turkish Airlines (TK), it could be TK0068, as that is their BKK-Flight. TK0066 is DPS (Bali). So you should check where exactly they wrote it.@Wizzy
  7. I am new to this forum, but it`s obvious that there is something weird going on at the Airports in the recent months. People get denied entry for whatever reason. I searched through the forum, but didn`t find an answer. So anyone ever got denied entry going trough the Premium Lane in BKK or using the VIP Services in other Airports (don`t know if they exist anymore). I am not talking to get a denied entry, because of waiting in the Premium Lane without a voucher. A mean getting denied for whatever reason when holding a valid visa. Got the problem, that I was nearly denied entry a few days ago using the normal economy lane for the first time. The years before I used the Premium Lane like 20 times and never got a problem (even my passport was full of stamps), while the IO were talkative and friendly. My theory is that going trough the Premium Lane (which is also used by the Elite Visa holders) is more hassle-free and no one needs to even prove the 20k Baht. However, maybe there is a case in the forum, where the entry was denied?
  8. But that doesn`t interest the IO. I told the IO the exactly same thing 2 days ago and she obviously had no real argument. She kept telling me *but this is the immigration, this is Thailand*. It`s perfectly possible to live on a METV by earning passive money at home and they know it. But they won`t get 500k-2Mio like with the Elite visa. They are just narrow-minded. In my case after she called my gf and I proved I had flown several times Thai First Class= money for the country, she didn`t even bother to ask for the 20k Baht.
  9. Thanks. Well ,I made it, but it opened my eyes. An ED Visa for lets say 2 consecutive years isn`t a problem as alternative right? I intend to go to a language school, to finally learn proper Thai, as I just know like 300 words. If I had known that forum earlier I just would have sticked to the Elite Visa 2 yrs ago, but now it`s not worth anymore. And with 34 I am quite far away from the retirement visa.
  10. I can confirm, that a new passport won`t work at all. Was faced 2 days ago with 5 full Pages of my entries to Thailand, when I tried to enter via BKK airport on an economy class ticket. I was on a METV in a brand new passport. I saw the list, they had both my Spanish and German Names on it, as I alternated the passports to enter Thailand in the last years. Just could pass immigration, as my gf phoned 30min with the IO and I was able to prove that I always arrived on Business/First class tickets in the past (according to the IO the premium lane won`t bother at all...she told me that after I asked her 10 times. If it`s true or not...i don´t know). Don`t know how long the game might still work with the land-borders, but a new passport isn`t the solution for sure.
  11. Nearly got denied yesterday. Just got finally through as my gf phoned with the IO and I could prove that I had extensive travel booked with her in the upcoming 3 months. Living in Thailand now for 2.5yrs with METV (9 Months Thailand/3 Months Europe). As a data point...it was my first time flying to Suvarnabhumi in Economy class. Until now I never had problems in the Premium Lane or the dedicated lane for Thai First Class and the IO s were super friendly there. Been flying through DMK often though in Economy with Air Asia and was shocked, but too tired to discuss after the long flight. I was accussed of working here which is not true and I have my business in Europe (thats why I spend 9/3 months in Thailand/Europe). Had 800 Euro in cash with me, but she didnt even bother to ask me. Funny thing is that she said *book business/first class then next time*. In the end I still dont know why she let me through, but I think it is time for me to move on to a different visa. I doubt an IO at the priority lane will ever stop me (thai logic : if the farang flies in premium classes, he has to be rich (which i am surely not)) and I still never took the land-border option. Anyway, I think it s getting harder and harder and don t want to play that roulette anymore. As I want to marry my gf in the next 2-3 yrs, I thought I ll get away with the METV, until I get the marriage visa, but well I was obviously wrong. Is an ED is solution to the METV-issue or its risky as well? I do speak some thai but just basic. So i would take this serious and go to a language school. Not even thinking of the ED-Scam where you apply, but never visit the school. The Elite-Visa is no option for me, as it s waste of money and I just need a solution for 2-3 years.
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