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  1. It could be because all the liberals are working longer and longer hours just to survive. We don't have a hell of a lot of time to post. Anyways, I think Warren is fine. She has good ideas and would inspire a lot of people. Despite some of her desires for the working classes, she isn't pro-open borders from what I have heard. She is definitely a capitalist but sees problems with the system. She has said she would tax the wealthy because she sees the capitalism we have now as unfair and corrupt as well as unsustainable. The gains made by the ultra-rich are from a corrupted system. If you think Thailand's economy, government, courts and the rest favor the superrich and privileged, how could you not see that in the US too. The manipulation is there but just in different forms. Thailand's abuse is just obvious and discussion of the reasons for it are sensitive grounds. Corruption is out of control in the US too. So, after decades of profiting from exploiting politicians and the rest of it and contributing very little in return, Warren's argument is that it is just taking back from those who knowingly exploited the system all along and those superrich who benefited from all the exploits in the system created by their superrich peers. Well, that's how I see it. All the Dems aredecent people. The only one I don't really want to see is Biden because even if he won, he wouldn't bring the change for the working people that America needs.
  2. Strangely, Hollywood is all about superhero movies these days while Hollywood's own superheroes are disappointing their fans. The problem is mostly just sexual, possibly alcohol-related and possibly ego. There are plenty of men acting like this in the girly bars of Thailand.
  3. It's hard to take away things that we think benefit us once we realize there is something dangerous about them. That's why the environmentalists face so much anger from those who have grown accustom to environmentally unfriendly things that make their lives easier and better. It's a human reaction. Try taking smartphones away from kids. Even cigarettes and alcohol linger on despite killing millions. Most farmers in Thailand really have no future because they just have too little land for what they grow. Half of the present number farming will be gone in 30 years with their land sold to others who can easily handle more land with the tech that is available. You can't live on 10-20 rai of rice land these days. Although some have much more rai, there are plenty who hold onto that little bit of land getting by doing odd jobs. Their kids have all left for the cities, and those kids also help their farmer parents. For many, just being able to say they have a patch of rice land they get their own rice from has become more about pride than any profit. To make a living off so little land, a person really has to be creative and have a green thumb for growing things other than cassava and rice.
  4. I'd like to know if the local cable companies like the ones in Pattaya actually have paid to run recent movies on their cable systems. Sometimes I have stayed at hotels and there were movies just out that were running on their cable. Something odd about it.
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