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  1. This party has the best minds in Thailand and it's abused by the old dinosaurs and their feeders. Thailand would really take off if it let the younger modern thinkers who know the truth about the nation take over. The greed of the backwards class at the top knows no end. Thailand is not a free nation so long as the people can't get the truth, facts and choose their leaders. It's just a creation of those who always control the power and mainstream media, information and educations of the masses. What have they created? More for their own families than for the nation, the Thai people. What a was
  2. Let's face it the Trump supporters are tough competition. They'll walk home from events in freezing weather to see their man. Every though they are few, it's hard to beat their energy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sq37RClh4bY
  3. This is what Thailand really is. If you think he's wrong, you should read the story from earlier this year about the judge who killed himself because of this same issue. What few choices the people have when in your nation if you speak the truth and want human rights you go to jail.
  4. It was hilarious unless Trump is your cult leader. Do the people of Kazakhstan even see the jokes?
  5. These cult followers seem to be weak stupid people. It's amazing how many there are around the world, here in Thailand and pretty much everywhere. Why are they so desperately in need of these goon leaders? Have they never read a history book? Have they never criticized others? I don't get it.
  6. This has to be one of the strangest stories I've read lately. She's certainly thinking out of the box. I bet this would work in other places because the world has so many people and there are certainly some who have odd fetishes. I just figured that most of these clothes would be in the market anyways. The goodwill shop is where a lot of them end up in the US.
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