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  1. Do you think we can get the heads of the oil companies to down a tablespoon of oil each? I know it's not all due to them but they are a part of the story. If a whale or other sea animal has oil on it, it's most likely eaten it as well. They won't live.
  2. You can find some stuff on Lazada like sprays that ward off certain animals and other stuff. https://www.google.com/search?q=lazada+rat+deterrent&gl=us&hl=en&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjCoIbC0J7xAhURzzgGHbRkD60Q_AUoAnoECAEQBA&biw=1366&bih=598.
  3. Oh dear, another one? When will it end...
  4. Another channel I watch usually on Twitch but it's also on youtube and discord is PrimeCayes. He has various panels. Some are all black groups but most of his panels are mixed and they talk about US topics mostly. I listen to it while I'm working at my desk. The panelists are younger and mostly liberal but they do have right wingers as well. On Twitch, there are no ads and its live. You can also chat or join in if you have discord account or maybe Twitch account. I just listen.
  5. I follow this German guys videos. I guess I can relate to him in age and media experience from when I was young and in where he is because my brother lives there. He just has an easy-going channel that's nothing special to most I would think. He covers stuff going on in the Venicce/LA area and makes connections to the past. Just an average guy. I also like Vice and Vice News on youtube. They have a lot of odd stories.
  6. I watched the accountant of Auschwitz. It wasn't about the one person, the accountant. It kind of blew my whole understanding what happened after WW2. The soldiers did good fighting the war but after the Allie leaders screwed over the victims of the war big time. What a shame. And Germany still suffers from the thinking of Hitler's time today. Quite a wake up movie. It's no wonder Jews are still so distrustful of others today. You may take it different that how I took it. Educational about West Germany when it was a nation too.
  7. I was surprised recently that my relatives up in Esarn would put the cats in a cage all night long. I think some Thais see cats as something like a wild animal or at least something that should be left in a cage. Many times there have been stories of these people who supposedly like cats getting caught with dozens of them. Often they are in their home in cages. I don't understand the mentality of these people. To me a cat should be free and be a member of the family, not something put away when you get bored with it. Oh well, just something I wanted to say.
  8. It's not corruption alone. It's the amazing level of design and art skills found in the minds of Thailand's greatest creators. Soon the whole world will follow in Thailand's footsteps with such beauty. Amazing. The people are already fascinated by the artwork. What art or design school did these brilliant folks attend?
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