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  1. I'm really into Queen of the South at the moment. It's on Netflix. It's much more action and thrill than the trailer shows. Give it a try. Good acting too. It's a lot like those Narcos series as well as Breaking Bad in a way but with a female.
  2. Wow, that sounds exactly how it went through me for a year or so and then after getting the right meds from one doctor it all disappeared pretty much permanently. But the doctor didn't give me gout meds, he diagnosed it as osteoarthritis and gave me some fairly strong anti-inflamatory pain stuff and a muscle relaxant. I really thought I wasn't going to see it go away but it's been a year now I guess. I don't take any meds but have them in case a flare up every comes along. So, far none. For me too, I haven't really changed my diet. Anyways, the way you described your experience in that first
  3. These companies risking it all to make fake products just amaze me. If they have the ability to make the fakes, they could easily get it together to make real products of their own with minor twitches. What's the problem with this continuing? Is it no market access for other products? Is there no place to sell new products too? I understand the ease of faking a famous brand and selling that easily, but why would anyone with a brain capable of creation, someone with dignity and the funds to create these things risk it all on something so lowlife. Well, maybe they have the brain but not the crea
  4. Well, Rush wouldn't last here on Thaivisa or any other forum. His hate would get him kicked off. Why do you linger here considering that you have a lot more hate in you that you want to express, well that's if Rush is like you and holds your values? Gosh, think of all that spit and drool dripping all over their desks as right wingers are forced to self censor their posts on on social media these days. How do they survive.
  5. Civil Servants including Police, Military and the others connected to the glorious Thai state seem to be chosen by god. The chosen people can do no wrong. It's surprising they don't commit even more crime.
  6. Once everyone is vaccinated, the same people who wanted forced vaccinations will be screaming "How did all the foreigners get vaccinated before us! It's unfair!"
  7. Thanks for the responses. I wasn't expecting much. I wasn't looking for a pattern to prove some trick was going on but more from the other end, just some oddity that was happening by chance. I guess I was thinking more in the line of KhunBenQ. I just think there are probably a lot of odd patterns that pop up. All unintended. The link to the decoder is interesting. Thanks again. A couple of programs that calculate lists of numbers like I posted.. https://calculla.com/columnar_addition_calculator This one has lots of odd features for number junkies... htt
  8. Just curious if there is any website or downloadable program that you can put a bunch of numbers into to determine if they are random or if there might be some sort of pattern to them. I'm asking without any serious issue. I just want to try running the lottery numbers into a smart program to see what it might notice in the numbers. I don't believe in any conspiracies or anything like that. So for example these are the 10k winners numbers. 000225 109064 188036 271453 345607 421333 512678 577128 757797 913352004049 123668 202121 273252 347812 425715 515496 589301 791880
  9. You could probably make a place like this somewhere in the West if you really wanted to. But it's easier to find places like this in the developing world.
  10. It's the end of an era, where will the right wingers find another racist misogynist hate-monger old fart to encourage them?
  11. The cowardly general flees again; meanwhile, his thugs beat conscripts to make them do what they want.
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