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  1. Let me first say that I understand how someone can be fascinated by driving a loud motorbike. I also understand that Thais have a high tolerance for noise, giving the loud concerts, bar music etc. Although living in Pattaya, the problem I now describe has obviously become a nationwide pandemic. It is the newer and manipulated motorbikes that got louder over the past years and are now more widespread. This may come as a surprise as the import of such motorbikes was prohibited years ago and there are fines of about 1000 baht for "unnecessary noise" (once in a while you may even see a billboard informing about it). What I see is policemen stopping people who drive without a helmet or the farang (or Thai) who may not have a licence. Those who are constantly endangering others - the noisiest are often also speeding up - are rarely stopped although they could easily bring in most of the fines. I heard that in one part of BKK as part of a pilot project they recently even confiscated such a kind of bike, at least after repeated offences. But overall the situation is getting worse. Now why is this a bigger offence than people driving without a helmet e.g. and mainly endangering themselves? The rascals do this day and night, surely disturb the peace and sleep of many which will effect their health one way or the other (stress) and like any significant noise polution in the end even reduce the GDP of a nation. I do not understand - as the laws are there - how police can behave so ridiculously and tell everyone that they are helpless by not taking care of this problem. I think that a human driving such a bike should ask himself what would happen if anyone would just do what makes him happy, esp. in terms of making noise. One could run around with a whistle, playing drums in front of a rascal's appartment etc. Would those bikers like that? And because it is mainly Thais who cause this problem (to my own surprise) - where is their respect for the elders and the community? Anyway, it is a topic that could be solved by repeated and consequent fining. I want to ask around if anyone has done anything against it or knows of any action that is planned, privately or by the government. Lately I heard Thais complaining about it and thought that the majority of them could be on my site regarding this topic.
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