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  1. Dear community, I moved here to work in Khon Kaen for 1 year from Bangkok. After 1 month of living here I gave a problem that people let their dog shot outside of our property. In short they roam free and make everything Dirty. Even after I talk to the neighbors, they don’t seem to care. So what should I do next? What came in my mind is put poison in our doorstep, of course the dogs will die. Again I am not a religious Thai fellow and really wouldn’t care. I own 2 dogs(mastiff and pitbull)and I never let them out to shit in front of other people house of property. It’s just disgusting. So how do people handle it here in north east? If I put poison and kill those dogs(5-6 dogs daily), what are the problems or consequences? I just had enough that every morning and evening I have to pick up shit from other people’s dog. Also have to spray our car park...... Can’t eat our food just thinking about it. Our dogs Any help from the police? Or should I trow the poop that I pick up into their property? LOL Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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