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  1. Why does the opposition even bother. The government is run by Prayut and it's not going to change. The same is happening in the United States with Trump. There, the opposition is yelling for impeachment. It's not going to happen since the opposition hasn't got enough power/votes. Why do they bother? They know they have no ideas to improve the country and the government. They have to do something to keep their names in front of the public, A complete waste of time and money.
  2. CGW. Actually, making more and bigger reservoirs will help alleviate the problem. Much of the heavy rains have no place to go except to runoff into the see. If there were more "holes" it would have someplace to go and be stored. They are called reservoirs, CGW.
  3. It's not the Baht, or the sunken boat. The drop in tourism is due to Thailand no longer welcoming them. Why should they come to Phuket? They will go where they're welcomed.
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