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    Need help

    Few days back I went to Phuket as a tourist. One day I take a bike from a Indian owner on a rent of 200 Bh for two hour. Somehow I had a small accident in patong beach road. No one hurt in accident. Due to unbalance I was off the road but there was a big hole just beside the road so I fallen there. Bike had some damaged but it was not so much. Bike's side mirror had some scratchs and tyre eliment had effected, few scratch on mud flap of front tyere of bike. When I was trying to let owner know about the incident he said that in Thailand bikes insurance is not mandatory so that bike was not insured so he demanded 15000bht for the repairing. When I asked about the insurance claim, he started to convince me that if he loge complained in police about the incident then my passport will be detained and I will be not able to go back India. What should I do?
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