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  1. FF or rwd? This name came up in a recently overheard conversation. It certainly wasn't the only name mentioned, and probably most of the others also campaign in similar ways. it seems bulk-buying is now very much the latest trend in urban areas. Several thousand goes to a tuk-tuk, who then organizes an entire load, but still keeps a significant amount. (The amount paid to each passenger sounded about the usual.) How they ensure the goods are delivered properly, I'm not sure, but there are always quite a few eyeballing these polling stations. Most people would probably think twice about trying to pull a fast one on on our low-riding four-wheeled fiends. Perhaps a neat move to declare your assets in a closed trust. The funding could be coming from elsewhere, perhaps not even at his behest. Loads of dirty tricks around. Perhaps this blind trust business is an attempt to fend off such moves. Perhaps the rumour is enough in itself to damage or enhance. Superman, I think not. He seems to impress university students who are easily taken with a handsome man. (Abhiset is long past that!)
  2. You might want to consider who many of those first coup plotters were. They were mainly (let's say for simplicity's sake) well-connected people who hadn't received the 'respect' they thought they were due under the 'new' regime. Nothing has changed that much since then. we're still stuck with a continual bunfight between well-connected factions.
  3. No. Now look at the bigger picture. Why has nothing changed?
  4. There probably is NO 'beyond Thaksin'. We're stuck with this motley crew, on a ship of fools, for eternity. The albatross never comes within shooting distance, and - in any case - there are no willing sharpshooters on board.
  5. But is the situation really any better now? He basically encouraged certain people to shoot a whole load of minor dealers in the back because someone had been leading his son into trouble. Pure spite really. That also had the effect of preventing any investigation of much bigger and more important investors in narco-biz (who are heavily embedded in the local elite). All in all, a shoddy piece of politics. Agreed, no one here really cares a toss about this issue. Likewise, they don't really care a toss about numerous other major Thaksin policy FUs: the deep South, to name just one.
  6. And/or maybe he just doesn't like policeman. There is a major distinction, I think, between serving policemen, and those who used to pretend to do that job.
  7. It's worth noting that Thailand is not the only country in this region staring down a dead-end. Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar. One now needs to be a bit more imaginative to succeed than just being yet another Hun-Sen clone.
  8. General elections in Thailand are a bit like Christmas - a mid-winter orgy of gift-giving. The minimum wage might well increase, but that really is about all we can expect from our so-called seniors. We really can't expect Thailand to buck the global trend towards dumb populist politics and economic non-sustainability. Enjoy the festive season, .... while it lasts.
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