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  1. Except we aren't like puppets, we can choose right from wrong; but what proselytes don't understand is right & wrong isn't some universal law, it's individual. If you see something I do with a clear conscience, as being wrong; that's on you and your problem. That sees you as judging me and no one will judge me.....And that's why in the end people who think the same way as that will have the last laugh, because people like you will be told, "Truly, I never knew you". Narrow is the gate....the keeping of your own clear conscience my friend; not going out and about proselytising and stealing the God given individual minds of all others. May He have mercy on All of Your Souls!
  2. Well that sounds a lot better than just for long enough to get the house, kids, 50-75% of your super plus child support for the next ten years or so; then show you the door with a thanks for all the fish.
  3. No, not that I'm aware of; other than what you are already aware of. If you meet the age and residency requirements, you are entitled to OAP. The amount is subject to income and assets test. https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/topics/income-test-pensions/30406 https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/age-pension/how-much-you-can-get/assets-test/assets#assetstestlimits
  4. Yes @scorecard my response was intended for #3463, your particular situation and the possibly of 70+ year old returning to claim; having never claimed before. I hope it all goes well for you.
  5. Correct. It is a revised table as the first cohort from 1st July 1952 to 1st January 1954 are now all retired as well. The increases are in blocks of 18 months. The unfortunate thing is, anyone born in 1945, leaving the country in their fifties to work overseas and if only returning now in their mid 70's to apply for OAP, they will be caught up in the 2 year fiasco, though will be entitled to a full pension because of AWLR, If they left at 51. We seem to be damned if we do; damned if we don't; basically.
  6. The OP could easily address that simple wish if mateship meant anything to him. It's an average 4.5 hr flight with one stopover inc. from Samui. https://www.jetcost.co.th/en/flights/results/KKC-USM/2019-11-29/0/1-0-0?sid=FTH7_5dd7622ead41a&source=search-form Kudos to you though.....for being willing to drive for 1/3 of that time out of your own time and pocket to give support & encouragement to an Aussie expat you don't know from a bar of soap for how ever long it takes. Seriously bloke; cheers cobber, thanx Mate!
  7. Exactly....and afterall that's where your poorly written OP made out you were actually living. Your a disgrace to your race mate. Rude, arrogant, belligerent; not mate material at all. Chok dii
  8. Different states.... different licensing laws. You can use either Thai license in Queensland for up to three months without IDL. A test will be required there to get a Qld license. That's how it was in 2012 anyhow; but we all know how they love legislative changes, so maybe just check first.
  9. Just a heads up to anyone thinking OAP kicks in at 65. Please refer to chart:- https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/age-pension/who-can-get-it
  10. Yes you are correct. That is the situation. However as insurance is now required on all new A-O's; if allowed to use insurance sourced from their home country for the full 2 year period of visa.......issue solved. Many here seem to think they're hard done by having to have the money in the bank here. Hey.....your visa, your rules, your choice. To get an O-A every two years we must have the same financials; plus with allowed mandatory insurance from home we'd be covered better than uninsured O visa holders who aren't required to have it; and many won't.....going on the numbers talking about changing because of the requirement. Lay off the O-A bashing eh!
  11. What you think you have papa.....lucky number. Round off mean 14.5 3774 Chok Dee!
  12. It's not the requirement to have it that's at issue; it the manner in which it's being applied. As an O-A holder I sourced insurance that would last me two years, every two years from my home country. When applying for my visa, prior to this <deleted> debacle, I always included my certificate with my application. The changes in the last two year go around are just about the last straw. At least I won't have money tied up here that I'll have to fight tooth and nail for, to get back home. The departments responsible are no more than a pack of over indulged, self entitled bunch of galoots. BTW....my $1200 two year insurance ran rings around their BS policies, and would also repatriate me dead or alive!
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