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  1. What'd be the point of pinching freshly laundered smalls? May as well stick your head in the washing machine.......
  2. Alledgedly injured from the Pfizer Covid vaccine..... Type "Aspirin" into the search function and see similar results.
  3. So, according to your source almost every disease known to man is now linked to the Pfizer Covid vaccine through an ADR. I'm in no way denying the possibility of ADR's, though the way it's being presented here is ludicrous in the extreme...... http://vigiaccess.org/
  4. If it is ever resurrected log in print it out. If you need to go to the office show them your email.
  5. I thought the TM6 had nothing to do with TM30? It's pretty much as @Ubonjoe stated above, that's it. The OP asked about returning from abroad. You are required to put the address (TM30) you're going to be staying at on your TM 6. Putting one that isn't on file will require you to file a new TM 30 with the immigration office.
  6. Provided the address on your TM 6 is the same as the one on file.....yes.
  7. Single dual throat down draft 38mm Weber in standard trim There were triple 40mm Weber options available from speed shops, but not from the factory AFAIK.
  8. Clarification needed please...... A relative "assisting" in the rental of GF's farm. Is it the GF's farm or, are her and the relative renting it from someone else? Crystal clear facts can make all the difference to responses.
  9. Mate had an early Ford Capri with 3.0 litre V6 option.... It went like a scalded cat. Note side flutes, extra stylised body & bonnet pins....... Unfortunately overshadowed by XU 1 at the time. https://www.oldtimeraustralia.com/wp_car_dealer/1971-ford-capri-3000gt-v6/
  10. This thread is irrelevant because planes and ferries are off the table on said route; last I heard there's gonna be a bridge so we can all drive to and fro....... https://livinginasia.co/thai-bridge/#:~:text=The Thai Bridge (Saphan Thai,baht (29 billion USD).
  11. Never ever paid for a resident certificate at Chiang Mai immigration office. Waited for a month on three occasions though. Requiring one recently to renew driving licences was told not issuing due to Covid. Did I get one? Of course I did; from the copy shop over the road. Cost Bht 1,000. Also got both licenses from the LTD, who was aledgedly not issuing them..........
  12. Like many here; Defender & MalwareBytes has served me well over many years. I asked myself this question when looking for answers on AV's. "Where do all the paid AV's get their new definitions from??" Answer to self, "Most likely from Microsoft." It's not a decision I've had any trouble with ever.
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