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  1. I KNEW I was spelling it wrong! Thanks so much for that info.
  2. ...Got switched to "Dr. Visoot", if that name rings a bell w/ anyone..
  3. Through my psychology department contact at Ramathibodhi Premium, I was able to get an appointment with "Dr. kritsanda" in their urology dept. I didn't have a choice, but was told there are only two doctors who see foreigners there, and this doctor is one of them. So I guess I'll see..
  4. Never thought I'd hear a phrase like that—but it makes sense. I'll avoid the c word until a doctor weighs in. Hope yours holds out.
  5. ...or Kidney or bladder stones or tumor, rhabdomyolysis (muscle damage), Hemophilia, Polycystic kidney disease (cysts), sickle cell disease, or viral hepatitis... Yes, I'm sufficiently worried! (No Jaundice, though.)
  6. Yes, very good advice, Thanks. I hope to be in front of a urologist by week's end. I'm trying to stay hopeful about my blood being exercise-related, as I tend to push myself during my regular exercise routine. But I've done this my whole life so I would have thought I wouldn't cause internal damage (although I havn't been 55-years-old my whole life!) Sorry to hear of your bladder cancer, btw. But glad you caught it.
  7. In my quick research that's the Dr. I've been focusing on. But Ramathibodi's website is terrible. I don't see any way to search for a doctor or even department. I'm coincidentally going to Ramathibodi Premium either tomorrow or Thursday for an unrelated need in a different department, so I'll ask for someone's help while there. A high consultation fee I can handle, but if it comes to needing scans or x-rays Bumrungrad will kill me.
  8. Your impression is correct. I've been to Ramathibodi Premium and it seems they've combined admin processes of a government hospital with the pricing of a premium. But they've been very nice and helpful so I consider them a good "non-Bumrungrad" choice, so thanks for the confirmation on that.
  9. I am looking for a urologist now. I'll look through this forum as well (I wish the search function worked), but if you have a suggestion at your fingertips, please feel free to offer him or her. Thanks for all your help.
  10. ?? Yes, negative is normal. Same for urobilinogen.
  11. Yes, blood-tested bilirubin was normal. The lab is at 2301/2 New Petchaburi Rd, at the corner of Soi Phetchaburi 47. I took a khlong boat to the Thong Lo pier, it's a very short walk from there. They are in the back corner of the pharmacy on the ground floor. Kinda hidden away.
  12. N Health turned out to be great. I had the urinalysis and the full liver panel and they spent a lot of time with me going over what tests I might want to consider. Results were sent via pdf a few hours later. In the end, my AST/ALT, bilirubin + other blood-based Liver functions tests were normal. However - my urine PH was high at 8.5 (normal is 4.5–8), - my Erythrocyte count was hight at 3+ (normal is "negative") and most worrisome is - a VERY high RBC sedimentation (HPF cells) range of 100-200 (normal being 0–2). This was obvious just by looking at my urine.
  13. I dunno. They didn't want to give a quote via Line. The email I finally received was 150thb. Nice n' cheap.
  14. Does anyone know of a clinic where I can bring my urine for testing without having to go through a formal "consultation" first? Out of the blue, my urine is now very dark brown. It's not blood. No discomfort, and I don't believe I'm dehydrated as I pay particular attention to making sure I drink plenty of water. I don't need health advice (but thank you) other than "drop-off" clinic suggestion for urine tests. Thanks.
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