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  1. On 7/28/2019 at 10:27 AM, luk AJ said:

    Instead of trying to fill up time after retirement, I decided not to retire and keep working in my company. By doing so, I keep contact with people and keep my brain active. I realise there will come a time that this is not possible anymore but I count this to be well beyond the age of 65.

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    what's your motivation to keep working 

  2. 15 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

    Everything we are and feel is a result of chemical changes being made in the brain.

    Must be disappointing for those that believe we have self determination, as our genes dictate what we are.

    exactly.. people try to be logical and just destroy themselves by causing self-harm, depression etc as they resists their natural-biological instincts.. accepting we're all just chemical living organism, just like any other living being out there, we can finally behave naturally again and feel content by simply engaging in one of the indefinite ways our instincts desire (just as kids, animals proof).. 😄

  3. 17 hours ago, Mike Teavee said:

    It's called Briffault's Law...

    Briffault’s law maintains that “the female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.” https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/machiavellians-gulling-the-rubes/201610/briffaults-law-women-rule




    Back to the OP, I do think this is one of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself when planning your retirement...


    1st time I retired, I was 40,  went from working 12+ hour days 6-7 days a week to nothing to do (was living in UK at that time) so was climbing the walls & went back to work after 3 months (though for myself, working 8-10 hour days, 5 days a week)


    2nd time I was 48, been living in Singapore for 6 years & seriously bit by the travel bug so traveled around Australasia for 15 months until a mate asked me to help out on a project for a couple of years, I realized I'd spent a lot more money than I'd planned, missed Singapore & he was a good mate so back I go. 


    3rd time (Next Jan, I'll be 53) will hopefully be a charm, I've budgeted enough to do a reasonable amount of travel but not sure yet whether I'll do an extensive trip to somewhere like LATAM before settling down or continue with my Condo in Bangkok & do shorter trips from there.


    Other than travel, I love to walk, Books/Music/TV/Movie,  IT Geek and hobbies where I can learn something new (current one is lockpicking) plus lots of beer drinking & chasing women 🙂 




    Good luck to everybody planning their retirement, & thanks to the OP for starting this thread... the "Am I Ready for Retirement" is probably the 2nd most important question you need to ask yourself after "Can I Afford to Retire"






    great share and a very honest comment! some people here tried to make fun of this thread, although people like you, who have actually experienced living abroad, and changing one's life from one edge to another, can relate and understand exactly why i've wrote this thread.. as you've mentioned at your "1st try", i've also experienced hardship trying to retire abroad before... that's why i've thought sharing-discussing it with like minded people can contribute us all, by sharing experiences with each other, as in the end we all have similar perception (at least partially).. 🙂

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  4. On 6/8/2019 at 1:51 PM, steve2112 said:

    i just got back from 3 days in PP so i'm far from an expert but i must say i was very impressed. there are some pretty high end areas in the city, its not all slums, i loved the stretch limo tuk-tuks (although the drivers constantly asking you can be a mild annoyance), the food way great, the beer ridiculously cheap and the girls! 136 and 104 streets are awesome, every bar loaded with hot 20-30 year olds (i guess pol pot did a good job of killing everyone who would now be 40-50), great live music. i'm not a city guy, but i will definitely go back, and probably try Sihanoukvill next time.

    great review! where you living currently? you like it there wherever you're in terms of night life etc

  5. 4 minutes ago, elliss said:


      I am a newbee , only been here 15 years .. How about you ?

         Done my apprenticeship in patty , and graduated in Isaan, degree in life experience in Los..

         PS ,  I learned to speak thai.    Proved to be very cost effective ...



    so presumably, that's the long time you've been there that made you 'believe' in love again..


    unfortunately (or fortunately) according to current neuroscience research using fmri, eeg, pet scans etc, as well as advancements in biology research in humans as well as animals experiments, we now know that 'love' is just oxytocin chemicals getting released in order to make you want to reproduce and so on.. simply evolutionary survival instincts... nothing more nothing less 😉 😄  


    i guess it's the most scientific post every been posted in tvf but yeah even tvf is advancing for the worse 😛  

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  6. you've to specify your question about what exactly you're interested to know about.. 


    personally i didn't find it polluted any more than any other small-mid size city...


    the night life was pretty boring for me as there were only handful of bars and parties (in few locations) and although they were quite full the people were always the same (except for the tourists which were also the same after you get used to them xd)


    tons of tourists in the old town and the area


    p.s. policemen fine foreigners for riding bikes on daily basis on the main roads (not sure if it was 5years, probably ya 😛 )

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  7. 4 minutes ago, khunPer said:

    Yes, for many an Isaan farm girl – or girl from another area in similar financial position – a farang boyfriend/husband is like winning in the lottery.


    But so it also is in the Western world, I know numerous ladies that are dreaming about dating a billionaire. Females seem historically to prefer to marry up in social level, and gladly use their youth and charm to obtain it...🙂


    –Hm, presume the latter is a major reason why many a farang man – me included – so easily leave his brain in the airport and fall in love, or at least believe it's love...:whistling:

    exactly! i liked your comparison to the west.. the average guy in the west is basically just like the average man in one of thailand's provinces for many western women... luckily thanks to airplanes and inequality, we now have a few more opportunities 😉 


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  8. 7 hours ago, gaviny said:

    Pretty routine really , live in a small town 3 hours out of BKK and Pattaya , so small , not a 7/11 in sight.
    Days spent walking weekdays, swim after , watching League on weekends otherwise it's YouTube, chatting with friends on Msngr, Facebook, checking the ASX, teaching GFs 5 year old nephew English,weekly shopping at Big C and Makro 40 mins away, fresh veges n fruits from local markets every few days and most importantly am pestered by GF once or twice a week to be pleasured.
    Visit Pattaya for a few days monthly for my sanity.

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    interesting like that lifestyle mix of everything and pretty balanced which shows you're pretty content and not seems to abuse anything.. may i know where did you meet your gf? you plan to marry her? or to have children with her? lastly how do you find pattaya today compared to previous years (since you've moved to los)? 🙂 

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  9. 7 hours ago, khunPer said:

    Probably because that's the, in Western eyes a bit "old-fashioned", way it works in Thailand...😉


    I know many a Thai girl saying: »If a man cannot provide, then I don't need a man«, or something similar with same meaning, and it's valid for both farang men, and Thai men...:whistling:


    I'm Okay to let an "extra person" sleep in my house, as this extra person also provide some bit of housekeeping care, and takes care of my daughter – well a mutual shared daughter – in old time a Western man would also be the provider for a family, or the hunter before "old time", and the female would keep house and make food. Modern Western life-style is more share and stress. My girlfriend and I live, what we consider the best choice picked from "two Worlds", or from two time periods...🙂

    that makes sense.. i would also add that the reason many people in countries like Thailand and similar share the mindset of "the man shall provide" is due to them growing in a poor environments with a very few opportunities to actually get out of poverty and therefore naturally they would prefer a man who can take care of them  and their descendants if it's possible..

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  10. 8 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

    I don't get why farang guys have a wife who doesn't work for her own money but let her do her own thing instead of looking after said farang. My wife worked for her own money, and so I could have time to myself, but if I was giving her money I'd expect her to be taking care of me all day, as her "job" would be the one that paid her.

    your opinion does make sense to me.. however i'm curious to know why you said "your wife worked".. are you divorced? why if i may ask 

  11. 8 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

    Was, for me

    Wake up whenever, eat banana for breakfast, watch tv.

    If it was Monday, help the cleaner make the bed and sit outside while she cleaned the room, watch tv.

    Go on internet to warble on TVF.

    Go to supermarket/ DVD stall then Geckos for dinner ( if it was hamburger special night ). If not Geckos I'd heat something in the microwave to eat.

    Watch tv/ DVD or read a book till tired.


    My life was pretty routine, but I wasn't bored, and it was always warm.

    I wasn't interested in paying for expensive drinks in a bar and being hassled by bargirls or drunk expats.

    Other than movies at the mall, there isn't much to do in Chiang Mai for someone not interested in temples or restaurants, once all the usual sights and tours had been done. Doi Inthanon was a great tour, but not something to do regularly.


    I lead a far more active life now, but it's cold and I'd rather be in LOS.

    very honest and interesting response! why did you left if i may ask and would you rather go back to that life routine you've mentioned above? 🙂 

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  12. 7 hours ago, KiChakayan said:

    Easy to answer. Endurance activities, such as cycling, raise your endorphin levels, hence blur our all the aches and ailments of old age as I am nearly 67. I used to hike, sometimes climb, a lot around Geneva, but that's not possible here in Issan. However I may consider buying a "sit on top" Kayak, when the water comes back to the lakes.

    interesting but if it's so fun as you claim it to be (the endorphins), how come most people don't feel to cycle at all? 😮 

  13. On 7/17/2019 at 10:08 AM, khunPer said:

    Up at 8am and straight to the PC to check Thaivisa, but do find time for coffee and a bit of bread while checking the news section at until lunch time – however, sometimes I skip lunch if there's a lot of Thaivisa-news to read, which also keep my BMI reasonable – during afternoon I post in the Thaivisa forum, but might take a short nap after dinner if nothing important comes up, but I check all forums of interest before bed time about 1am, so I can be up fresh at 8am for a new day's duties. That's about all of the daily routines when being both Thaivisa forum-member, and retired in Thailand...😉


    Luckily I'm not that addicted – yet...:unsure: – so in the more serious part of life, the routines depend a bit of week-days; however Thaivisa E-mail newsletter gives me an excellent selection of important national news, and if some posters have inputs for expat life in Thailand, or something I perhaps could help with an answer.


    I've always been a B-human – i.e. prefers to be awake late, and therefore normally will sleep longer in the mornings – so I'm not up at 8am checking any forums. And when I finally get out of bed, and shower, I do a little program of stretching exercises before some small house jobs, and coffee and cheese; I brought an espresso machine from home so I can enjoy fresh coffee instead of instant coffee, which I had the first number of years, until I got a house build, and unpacked my 20-feet container from home, including the coffee machine...😋


    Often I do check the news, first International, then Thaivisa newsletter, and often I then check the stock market. I might also have E-mails to reply, or stuff to write for my home country.


    I normally skip lunch – only eat a small light breakfast and dinner – and will often be out shopping before it's too late afternoon, due to rush hour traffic. Having a house in Thailand it's amazing how many small things that need to be taken care of, or upgraded, and too often left for one self to do, as it's difficult to find a craftsman for tiny jobs, at least where I live.


    In afternoon at school days I pick-up my daughter from school, and then check the European stock market; not that I'm very active, but to keep me updated with my long-term portfolio that sometimes need little care at the right time; it's my main source of income, so kind of necessary duty (at least let me believe so)...😉


    At sunset I will walk the dogs, even I never bought any, they seem to come free – a next door neighbors dog that refuse to go home; a beach dog that came up to the house as hungry looking puppy, got a bite, and never left; a male dog from to a resort down the beach, but he seem to stick to the two female dogs now glued to the house – and if the dogs don't want a walk, then I walk alone; however rarely happens, but none of us wish to walk in heavy rain, or during a monsoon storm. A couple of kilometers walk in sand is good healthy excise. In fall and winter I love the feeling of walking barefoot in 27° water, thinking about my freezing friends at home in utterly cold Scandinavia...🙃


    I enjoy a well prepared dinner, and I can also enjoy a (small) glass of wine – or two – or a wine cooler, or an apple cider. We are three in the house, but sometimes the girls skip dinner – their BMI – but that don't stop me from making a gourmet dish for me only, and dine at a set table on the beach terrasse, making me enjoy my expat-life like a never ending vacation.


    Sunday is fixed movie day – like my childhoods Sunday 4 pm afternoon movies – which apart from entertainment is also part of my daughter's education, as any film based on some level of real facts would be a first priority selection, and also talking about it. Occasionally there is no movie of interest, so we skip a trip to cinema – might find something else to do – and other weeks there might be two movies, so we extend with a weekday evening.


    Tuesday is normally my "spa evening" with a selected masseuse coming and giving me two hours coconut oil massage, and foot massage. I will have some Gregorian monks canting as relaxing ambience, however recorded on a CD.


    Thursday evening is "walking street market" in the local china town that I live in, and even it's almost the same every week, I enjoy my walk there, saying hallo to people I know, and return wai to people I might not remember – they might know my girlfriend, and know that I'm her boyfriend – but they kindly wai me, and some even say »Sawadee khun Per«. Some street artists normally performs – a farang singing old rock-songs; a couple of Thai musicians playing guitars and drums; sometimes a school-kid orchestra, or some traditional Thai dance; a magician show – and stopping and looking a bit is part of the "same-same but different" Thursday experience. Thursday dinner will be from the overwhelming market selection.


    Any local activities might be attended, which could be an evening/night market in a temple; or a ceremony in a temple with children attending monkshood; or a temple-ceremony where donations are given – with an amazing amount of money trees, so understandable many an Isaan lady believes in that money grows on trees...🤑 – or my daughter playing a football match; or... It's all also a part of mingling with locals, saying "sawadee" to anybody known, and not being a too strange farang.


    At least twice, but preferable three nights a week I'll head out in the vibrant nightlife for some dance – you might call it tech-dance – but I enjoy new dance-music, and not the least being a very active dancer for a couple of hours; if nothing else, it's good exercise, and the girls in the discos are still young and beautiful...🥰 It's said by science that dance and music keeps one's brain fresh in older age; however, I'm not old yet so it's just a preventive act...🤣


    Whenever I find time for it, I like to snap photos, and I often write small stories, and share them with my home country friends – I even wrote a book when living here in LoS, and is about to write one more – so whatever spare time I have, I always have something to do.


    The biggest problem when "retiring" in LoS is time; I cannot understand how I in the past ever found free time to work...🤔
    –but of course, I was not retired then, nor member of Thaivisa forum...🙂

    your gf knows you go and dance with locals there? what she says about that? your daugther is from this gf? how long have you been together before you had your daughter? lastly does she working or she browses thaivisa as well 😉 

  14. On 7/17/2019 at 9:56 AM, Tagged said:

    My interests in Thailand have changed by the years, from living on the westcoast, Hua Hin, and now more or less in the middle of the middle. Also travel home for work about 3 times a year a month or two. 


    Have been climbing, kayaking, scuba, freediving, go regulary to gym, tried thai boxing for a period, and would deffinity go back to that when I have a longer stay again close to a good gym. Been swimming alot when I had a decent pool, but the most important, it is to start the day with some stretching and moving. Call it yoga for older men if you would like, stairs walking when live in a condo, or walk the beach about an hour or two during sunrise. Have a few friends meet up for coffe a couple times a week, and maybe a beer or two once or twice a month. The last 3 years, I have bought two new big bikes, and also spent around 30000 km on the roads from north to south east and west. 


    The last few months life changed again, when we started to develop my gf land, with trees, flowers, pond and a tiny little cabin. 


    Whats coming next, I do not know, but it is good to be able to do new things, and do not get stuck, because I get easy bored. Keep everything open, but I really start to like Isan lifestyle more and more, with daily routines, even i hated it the first time I went there, and could not get out of there fast enough.


    Get up before sunrise, and early to bed is my mantra, and keep me going. I had serious back problems for years, and stay on the coach almost killed me, until I managed to get up, and start living again, and that thanks to Thailand with the clima, nice smiles,  massage, start believing in myself again, fall in love, and slowly get fit and ready to live the next 50. 


    And footnote, the first love didnt last, and now trying again. A lesson learned, and more to come. 

    sounds like you can write a quite interesting story about your life so far 😄

  15. On 7/17/2019 at 7:13 AM, Hanuman2547 said:

    Typical day was for me to get up by 5:30am and leave for work by 6:30am arriving at the office by 7:00am.  Spend a full day in the office.  Lunch sometime during the day but not always a set time.  Usually leave the office at 6:00pm, sometimes later, and have dinner.  In my earlier days that might involve an after dinner detour home by way of Cowboy or Nana.  Never really stayed out late during the work week and would try to be home by 9:00 or 9:30pm.  After a while I skipped those places and just went home after dinner.  

    why you work so much? you really like it? do you even use all that money or?

  16. On 7/17/2019 at 5:06 AM, KiChakayan said:


    • cycling 3 hours, 4 times a week,
    • news,
    • Maintenance around the house,
    • tweaking the home network,
    • torrenting,
    • paperwork.


    • movie or some series,
    • pick kids at school,
    • quality time with the monsters.


    • family dinner (in or out),
    • movie,
    • bed time,
    • boom boom, not every day, and hope the latter won't become an euphemism,
    • sleep.



    what's so fun / interesting in cycling so much if i may ask? really curious!

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