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  1. This is why you should only service it in the official workshops. The small shops all around often steal your components and replace them with cheap knock-offs when you´re not looking. The oil they use is worse quality, etc...
  2. I tried renting a bike a few years back and noticed that the price had hiked up like 30-50% in one year, and every place charged the same, and refused to lower their fee. There is obviously a collusion between the shops, which is probably why there are so many unrented bikes (even before all the currency and corona troubles.)
  3. I am thinking of buying a new honda click, but I only need it 3-4 months each year. Is there any trustworthy place that can rent it out for me, and manage everything about it? I am based in Pattaya/Bangkok, but could probably transport it elsewere too, as I love driving. Is this a popular thing to do? Edrigo Salvadore
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