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  1. I predict a new scam by the RTP, walking into a cafe with Wifi. asking them for the wifi log files over the last 90 days. As most cafe / bar or coffeeshop holders don't have any knowledge how to get it they will make an "arrest" but this all can be solved with a "cup of tea" paid by the manager !!!!
  2. I predict a temperature around 25 degrees Celsius and it will be dry at all times from today till October next year inside the Central Plaza malls.
  3. The same 1,950.- CHF Breitling watch that I bought in Switzerland when it came out in 2010, costed in Thailand in 2011 around 275,000 THB at Robinsons. The same watch is now in Switzerland lowered in price to 1,750.- CHF. However the same 1,750.- CHF watch at Robinsons costs now 390.000 THB, a 40% increase. The CHF - THB rate has dropped from 41.24 to a 30.60 today, an over 25% loss of value. Price in 2011: 80,000 THB in Switzerland to 53.500 THB now a days. The same watch was 344% more expensive in Thailand in 2011 and 730% more expensive NOW. BTW. Breitling is NOT official sold in Thailand, it's imported from Singapore. Having to make repairs, it must be shipped to Switzerland, getting it back it will be taxed as a new watch. I know because the sapphire glass was scratched due to an accident. Repaing it through Robinsons in Thailand would have cost 120.000 THB. Just had a friend take it to Switzerland and only paid 325 CHF for a new sapphire glass. That is 10,000 THB or 12 times more !!! Can someone explain ??? Is Robinsons making so much profit?
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