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  1. Be more accurate when you use the term West, Australia and NZ are world leaders in eradicating Covid (currently nil) Far fairer for you to say USA and UK
  2. even your name phuket trader gives you away, you would happily see dozens die in order that you can get back to making money, hence your persistent negative comments re the validity of Covid 19
  3. So far I've read that providing 70% of Phukets residents are vaccinated by July 1 and I have proof of my vaccination (from Australia) then I'm able to go there without quarantine But what are the terms? So some questions for those who may know...... no guesses please 1/ Must I fly directly into Phuket International Airport from Australia or can I transit thru BKK? 2/ Must I have to pre book my accommodation prior to arrival? 3/ Can I book accommodation wherever I like on the island and have the flexibility to move around the island? 4/ How long am I having
  4. Front line workers as well and that includes quarantine hotel security etc., maybe see if you can score a job? Also you can request the 2nd jab after 4 weeks, it's just less efficient but still gets you your certificate
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