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  1. It seems that the requirements for getting a visum are more strict than the requirements for a job in the government ;-)))
  2. My girlfriend was very surprised that I do not like beer, and that I am used to work all day. She thought that most foreigners spend all day in a bar drinking beer and never work. Her female friends had the same prejudice. My opinion about Thai people... Usually they are ok. The ones I know are a bit lazy. Things never get finished. I notice that they do not care about the environment. And are often not very capable to do their job right. They usually don't take responsibility if things go wrong. I am not sure, but I think this has to do with culture and a work environment where own initiative and taking responsibility are not appreciated. As a result, things like customer service aren't great either. I really hate that if I have a problem, someone is laughing without doing anything. Oh, and where I come from we say: "Only stupid people laugh without reason."
  3. Krungsri in Bangkok opened an account for me with a 1 month visum exemption and a 1 year rental contract.
  4. I don't believe they have that in Thailand. >> to get out of the contract I have to pay them 4000฿ Is that at the end of the contract period ?
  5. Says someone from a country that is used as a money laundering machine for dirty Russian criminal money. Really, the entire London real estate market depends on that.
  6. Yes, they share a BORDER. Something with fences and checkpoints. There are no open borders between EU and non EU countries. >> i did see it somewhere, but not to hand at this moment Because it was in your dreams
  7. The hostile crowd were UK citizens who are afraid that they have to move back to the UK
  8. I don't understand that this topic doesn't get more attention. I am 100% sure that until about 3 months ago you could just get a 1 month extension on a tourist visum or VE without any TM28 or TM30. At least in BKK.
  9. >> I have been told Who told you ? A TM30 for a 1 month extension of a tourist visum ? Till a couple of months ago you needed your passport, a copy of the passport, copy of visum page, copy of TM6 (?), a passport photo and 1900 Baht. That's all. Most tourists will stay at a hotel. I don't believe that a hotel will give you things like the title deeds of the property, or a Landlord's ID. If you are sure about these new requirements it is probably best to book a hotel for a couple of nights.
  10. I thought the only threat in the region is China?
  11. A lot of Chinese tourists are "zero-dollar" tourists. It works like this: Back in China, would-be tourists are offered heavily discounted, all-inclusive package tours that include accommodation as well as flights, transport, meals and translators. The trade-off is that, along with the usual trips to the beach and fine restaurants, tourists are also taken to overpriced shops and urged – in some cases, reportedly even intimidated – into buying marked-up goods. Money from shopping then flows back to the tour operator from the shop owners, to make up for the money lost from the discounted travel package. The shops in Thailand are Chinese-owned and run by Thai proxies. And much of the revenue from the shopping component of the tours flows straight back to China.
  12. >> The number of foreign tourists arriving in Thailand rose 5.59% in August from a year earlier, with Chinese visitor numbers rebounding strongly, the tourism ministry said on Tuesday. This is contrary to what is written in this article: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-09-05/bali-beaches-bangkok-temples-go-quiet-as-chinese-stay-at-home “The slump in Chinese arrivals and tourism spending is being felt throughout the region,” said Kampon Adireksombat, Bangkok-based head of economic and financial market research at Siam Commercial Bank Pcl. Who is right ? The tourism ministry or Siam Bank ?
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