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  1. This is only key evidence for people who make the wrong conclusions. That opening the schools now doesn't lead to an increase in coronavirus infections does not mean that closing them in the past wasn't necessary. It also doesn't say anything about the number of infections caused by opening the schools. The numbers country wide are maybe the same. But how would they have been if schools were still closed ?
  2. And he can try Revolut.com and Monese.com, both will give you a UK bank account number. When I opened them I received the debit cards on my address in NL. But don't believe anything else was needed. And I am sure that when I opened my Transferwise account a verification payment wasn't needed. Probably things changed.
  3. I think you have to follow the BTS line further south to find something in that price range. You picked the more expensive places.
  4. This is why you should always have more than 1 bank account each with an own credit/debit card. An ATM checks with the bank before giving money. You only need 1 small interruption, a small error in how data is transferred and the ATM will do nothing. While a bank card from another bank may work without problems.
  5. There are not enough young people, and the population is aging. And of course it is Thailand. A military dictatorship with English teachers who do not speak English.
  6. At the Boots Pharmacy near the Burger King they sell water, it's the cheapest place at the airport. They even have a phone number; (02)134 8888 ext.6567 I would concentrate on the water, most people will survive 35 hours without food. If you want to be sure about carry on bags and food in the airplane I would call the airline... Much better than asking here.
  7. Depending on the airport where your flight was leaving from you can have a legal right for a refund. The EU is very good in this regard. I had a flight with Etihad, leaving from Brussels to Abu Dhabi, and back. The flight back is cancelled. If I go to their website and you follow the steps they ask where the flight originated. If it is the EU you can ask for a refund, if not you can get a voucher...
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