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  1. hello, Gate remotes are so cheap online, can you confirm that any will do the job ? https://www.lazada.co.th/catalog/?from=input&q=gate%20remote&sort=priceasc&location=local And is there an easy solution to replace this stupid remote by a mobile phone ? Boring to carry any key or remote nowadays... Thank you.
  2. hello, thank you for replies but I renovate a desk / flat furniture, so is it true that sanding and painting without spending more money / time is enough ? I am not an artist and whatever I will do, I will do it better than any Thai. Just wondering as said above, why using chemicals when sending already removes all ? and do you think that this cheap sander can be enough ? https://www.homepro.co.th/p/1062216 thanks again.
  3. What are you waiting to sell the pure THC as BKK shops sells ? your GPO $hit is <deleted>, no potency, overpriced. try better and you will make more $$$ also, you should offer the medical certificate when you already chea... sorry charge people 2500 for a vial.
  4. Does BKK Indra shop still delivers to your home ? have you found better / stronger / higher ?
  5. yes for sure ! and they are not using it because it's cheaper... how gullible are people is so weird !
  6. hi, looking for an elliptical machine, a good one as the ones that could be found in gyms, but not $5000, do you think that it's possible ? what is for you the best cheapest brand available in Thailand, online, Bkk or Pattaya ? The most expensive on Lazada are here, but how to choose a good one ? I would prefer to test it first, so a shop would be better: https://www.lazada.co.th/catalog/?from=input&location=local&page=1&q=elliptical&sort=pricedesc
  7. can you see ? Finally someone has been able to think ! Just wait a bit more, slow brains need time, and then we will all get an automatic visa extension. But truly, how can they be so retarded ?
  8. You can drive, no problem, they will just check your temperature... if you stop at the roadblock !
  9. All open from today at CHONBURI !
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