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  1. I am a "Stupid" English foreigner in Thailand and have been trying for ages to report online (understand about 15 days before and 7 days after). Anyway i was trying to complete 90 day report online and kept being kicked out of the system (This has been since April this year 2019!). I Was told by a very nice English speaking (Immigration Official) to use "internet explorer browser". It worked first time and I reported 90 day online. Do not know the outcome yet because I only completed the 90 day online form Friday 13 Sept OMG!. I was told the 90 day online only works with "Internet Explorer Browser" Yes it really works !!! I've joined the ranks of the happy!
  2. If you want to get true numbers about foreign tourist just ask the bars, restaurants and not forgetting the female cuties that can no longer send money back to family
  3. Best thing to do is just to say "come in everyone, have just put on some fresh coffee" or do you prefer "Japanese Tea" What can i do for you guys. Yes! i tried very hard to do my 90 days online and also the "TM30" but both systems have not worked in over 90 days. 55555
  4. In 2006 i was getting around +/- 76 Baht to 1 UK pound today its 36.5 baht +/-..Mm
  5. Now having 6 adopted children is good and divorce can get very bitter and then you have the financial payouts and i do not know if they had signed a Pre-nuptial agreement between them both. Yes alcohol can get the grips of you quickly and it take a strong person to stop it. OMG been down the road of alcohol
  6. I would say that Thailand is like many other countries but just like those countries you have to be diligent and do not go somewhere that you may face danger, lonely soi with minimal lighting etc etc. The mu-ban that i stay in has had several homes broken into and one was on the main drive 50m from the so called security. guess this can happen anywhere but the security check every hour and their are cameras all over the place kinda makes you wonder
  7. As per the instructions on the immigration site yesterday was 15 days before my 90 days! which is again due on 26 September 2019. I cannot progress and in fact have only had success once in 13 years attempted several time to complete form with ZERO progression. Again today I attempted to report 90 days several times without success and this is NOW 14 days before due date. It's is annoying and it is not possible to ask why. It takes me over 2.5 hours one way or more depending on traffic to get to immigration here in Bangkok
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