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  1. I was surprised as well......but the report still ended up rejected!
  2. Thanks, Ubonjoe. That actually makes sense. What do you think are the chances for first-timers to successfully file the 90-day report by mail?
  3. Actually, this is my first-ever 90-day report, so perhaps that's the problem. (I read in the forum that some first-timers had success filing online.) But if that's the case, it doesn't make sense that it would have anything to do with my TM30 report.
  4. Thanks, Ubonjoe! I live in Bangkok and applied online. Attached are the top and bottom sections of the rejection received yesterday. I'm totally mystified by the process and hope to find an easy (?) solution.
  5. From what I've read in the forum, it isn't necessary to periodically update the TM30 if one's address hasn't changed, which is why the reason for the 90-day report's rejection is especially puzzling. Is it possible that a previous TM30 was never cancelled and therefore the TM30 I submitted online last November somehow never made it into the system? Another question: does Immigration check the TM30 according to your name, passport number, visa number, or some other way?
  6. Today I received a rejection notice for my online 90-day report (submitted yesterday). Printed at the bottom of the form was: Remark: Please Update TM.30 The thing is, I submitted my TM30 application online in November and when I checked the TM30 website at the time, it seemed everything was in order. I never re-checked till today, and discovered that there was no record of my TM30, so I have now re-submitted it. double-checked to make sure the Immigration website had it in the system, and also filled out a new online application for the 90-day report. I guess time will tell whe
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