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  1. Just wanted to bump this one time to see if anyone is interested, before I use all my points on domestic United flights.
  2. Hi everyone, not sure if this is allowed but I want to give it a shot as otherwise it will be a big waste of miles for me :( I used to fly on Thai quite a bit for work but as I'm heading back to US next month to start an MBA, I won't have much use for them (besides domestic United flights which are horrible value with Thai miles) I have 113k miles on Thai, with a gold promo where I can buy a mileage ticket for 50% off, so basically enough miles for any first or biz class round trip ticket on Thai itself (the 50% promo isn't valid on partners like United, ANA). The miles required with 50% promo are posted by Thai here: https://thaiairways.s3.amazonaws.com/rop/Gold%20and%20Platinum%20Discount%20AIR%20Award%20Chart%20on%20THAI%20Year%202019%20%282%29.pdf I want to see if there's anyone here who would be interested in making a trade (cash or other) for these miles. Best value would be using them for a round trip between Europe and Australia, but given this is a Thai forum, probably more likely is Thailand round trip to Europe or Australia. Too bad for me they don't fly to US anymore or I could use it myself. If anyone is interested please shoot me a PM. Happy to exchange identity documents to the extent needed to trust each other for any transaction we agree on. If interested to meet in person, I may be in Thailand next weekend (of the 27th).
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