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  1. Thanks a lot for this advise, it seems like the best protocol.
  2. I'm and have suffered extreme anxiety disorders since the age of 12. I self mediated as a teen, then went onto the most evil of the lot, benzodiazepines. I hear and know CBD can help a lot with such issues, and I've seem that site 'Siam CBD' - I have also seen reviews from people buy it in the Kingdom, is is actual legal and are they are any hangups?
  3. You actually eat 'food' from Mac Donald's? oh boy
  4. I've been in and around Hua Hin for nearly a decade now, and last night I went into town for a meal with my partner. At around 9pm we walked back through Soi BintaBaht, and for a Saturday Evening it was absolutely dead. There were a few people here and there, but if I think back through the years, it is quite a contrast. I remember when there used to be a disco-tek on the corner, and so many people hustling and bustling around that area, even on week days. I also spoke with the restaurant manager who I vaguely know, and he was saying they are giving 30% discounts on the final bills to eating customers, simply to try and get more business. This had me thinking today that the Thai Baht is increasing in strength generally speaking, and things are becoming more and more expensive to purchase. Factor in that an average Thai earns 9-12k per month, I can see trouble ahead for the economy. Surely to live a semi decent lifestyle here, they must be taking out loans and all sorts?
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