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  1. I am thinking to charter a taxi from Khemmarat to Khong Chiam (one-way only), with stops at Hat Chom Dao、Sam Phan Bok and some interesting spots of Pha Taem National Park. The total distance is about 120 km.


    Anybody goes to Khemmarat recently? Is it easy to get a taxi? If yes, how much will you think?


    I checked the Google street map (dated year 2015), it seems that there were only some Tuk Tuk near the bus station. I don't think Tuk Tuk can take me from Khemmarat to Khong Chiam.


    Best regards




  2. Hi DJ54,


    Thanks for your information! very details!


    Almost all people take the Red Lotus Lake boat tour at Ban Diam (North-West side of Nong Han Kumphawapi Lake). However I noticed that there is also another boat tour pier at the South-East side of Nong Han Kumphawapi Lake (See my attached photo below). This pier should be less crowded with people and may be more interesting therefore I decide to take the boat tour there.


    The boat tour at the South-East side of Nong Han Kumphawapi Lake is very close to Kumphawapi. That's why I plan to stay there.


    Actually there are some resorts at Kumphawapi but seems can only be booked by telephone. My concern is that if I can arrange a tuk tuk at 5:45 in the moring. I like to see the sun rise at Red Lotus Lake.



  3. Thanks all!


    After I did more search, It seems that Kumphawapi Railway Station is less rural than Huai Sam Phat railway station, more train stops there, and seems better chance to get a tuk tuk.


    I will try Kumphawapi Railway Station and stay in Kumphawapi city as a base to Red Lotus Lake. The only problem is that all resorts in Kumphawapi city cannot be booked through the common booking websites, like Agoda, traveloka, booking.com, Expedia, sawadee.com, etc...

  4. I will take a train from Khon Kaen to Udon Thani, visiting Red Lotus Lake in December this year. I searched through the web, and found out that all people use Udon Thani city as a base to Red Lotus Lake.


    However, according to the map, the Huai Sam Phat train station is much closer to Red Lotus Lake. It seems quite stupid to go further to Udon Thani city and go back to Red Lotus Lake.


    I checked the Google street view, Huai Sam Phat train station looks very rural. But the street view is 2014, 5 years ago.


    Anybody go to Huai Sam Phat train station lately? Is it possible to catch a Tuk Tuk outside this station?


    Thanks and best regards



  5. Hi Gerry,


    Thanks again for your information. Yes, there is a resort at Sam Pan Bok. The name is Plaifah Resort Ubon ปลายฟ้ารีสอร์ท สามพันโบก. That's the reason why I go to Song Khon for my original plan. However the unknown and uncertain public transport make me change my mind.


    According to the map, Khong Chiam is closer to Sam Pan Bok than Ubon Ratchathani. That's why I consider to charter a taxi from Khong Chiam.

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  6. I can't speak Thai. It seems that this route has a lot of unknown and uncertainty, I am thinking to change.


    Actually the only reason I stay in Khemmarat or Song Khon is that it is very close to Hat Chom Dao and Sam Phan Bok which is much cheaper to hire a songthaew or taxi to visit these two places.


    I am considering to hire a taxi to visit Hat Chom Dao and Sam Phan Bok from Khong Chiam. Any idea how much will that be?


    Thanks and best regards



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