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  1. If you are paying her, she is not your girlfriend, she's a hooker.
  2. Not a problem bringing a gal back to your room.
  3. Danang has plenty of sex on offer, plenty beleive me, it's just not in you're face like Thailand. And kudos to that! Love danang!
  4. 9 years travelling Asia, Danang ticked the boxes for me. It ain't St Tropez, not a whorehouse, but as stated, clean safe cheap, . Vietnam is the new kid on the block. just my 2 cents. a welcome break.
  5. The picture of the s- trap flowing into a 90 degree bend is improper plumbing and would not pass code where I live . no vent! this would simply siphon upon draining, or get pulled from another draining fixture. A vent MUST be installed within one pipe diameter fall of trap and vent. nothing or very little is vented in Thailand or Asia for that matter, or vented properly. hence the stink. simply putting in a p-trap, s bend does nothing if not vented PROPERLY.
  6. Couldn't get a seat at one place, yes, one place! a few places are always busy, but the vast majority are dire!
  7. Jerkoff with the other hand. And to say it's the second time you have punched a wall with the same result?
  8. Things definitely get monotonous, get up, breakfast, go for walk , mall, beach etc every day, hang out, have a drink- non alcohol, lunch, etc etc etc, same same. Fishing some days, the garbage is something I could never get used to, traffic, pollution, congestion, heat, currency little things got to me after a while, then drinking in the evening, I'm pretty tame but it tends to spiral . And not in the right direction for most. Having seen it in expats ,, I didn't want to see myself there in several years.I got out of dodge.count my lucky stars I travelled with a backpack, and never bought. Came back to canada, breathed fresh air, drank clean water, ate good food, quiet, certainly wasn't comparing apples to apples,realized what I was missing. Had good times, met wonderful people while in Thailand but Retirement is not happening in Thailand.
  9. Why would anyone build a home in a place where you can't breathe the air for several months a year?
  10. Absolutely nothing wrong with this drop in pressure, a few pounds over a 24 hour period can be due to temperature fluctuations, etc. there is a rather small amount of piping in a home, a leak would most likely be heard at 100 psi. And the test would drop a lot more than a few pounds. Water test would be better, nothing wrong with an air test. for piece of mind, mix some dish soap with water and soap the joints. Look for bubbles. youre quite ok . I am a plumber by the way. problem with a water test is air becomes trapped in high points, and pressures really fluctuate if the air can't be takin out of the system. we pressure test systems ALL the time with air, enjoy your new home.
  11. Get a multi entry tourist visa, extend it, then you only have to leave once. No retirement visa, no hassles no $800 k in the bank. as far as rent goes, they are thousands of places to rent, no need for long term commitments. Keep your cash in YOUR bank, in YOuR country. Things are going to hell in a hand asked there quickly. good luck and best wishes to u and your gal.
  12. I've been travelling Asia for 9 years and know it very well thanks.
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