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  1. For those with an initial visa (which the COVID extension is associated to) that is valid for working, I'm mostly wondering: have some (or even many) on the COVID extension successfully been able to make the changes and then start working?
  2. I'm on an ED visa, with up to 1 year of extensions. Will be getting the COVID extension, and want to start working in about a month or so. @Sheryl
  3. Ah, so the COVID extension is essentially "attached" to the initial visa, and "extends" it. Even with a work permit approval letter, though, I'm guessing it's difficult to say if this would work, with COVID extensions being new.
  4. Not being able to change to a B visa, since borders are closed... for those on the COVID ext., what are our options for employment? Has anyone gotten a job on the COVID extension (with "extensions based on working," for example)?
  5. Hi ubonjoe, I'm a bit confused. I was told this by you. See post #2 in this thread: Ah, so when I'll go get the COVID ext., I bring the letter given to me by my school, and then give it immigration—but the ED visa itself isn't cancelled at all? I've been told a number of times by my school and others who have done this that this is "cancelling the ED visa" (before leaving the country, changing visa type, etc.). I would be applying for a job after my ED visa has ended, and also while I'm on the COVID extension. Basically, what I'm w
  6. I'm on an ED visa, with 1 year of extensions based on studying. It's ending soon, so I'll be getting the COVID extension. I've been planning to start working for some months, but with borders closed, it isn't possible to leave the country and change to a B visa—although, it is possible to do "30-day extensions based on working," attached to an ED visa. So: - I'll be getting the COVID ext. before my ED visa runs out. - From what I understand... whether on an ED or tourist visa, once you are on the COVID extension—although your initial ED/tourist visa has run out—the COVID
  7. Going to immigration on the day your visa expires is risky. Being sent back by immigration, due to missing documents/other reason is common.
  8. Did the man speak fluent Thai... after 33 years living in Thailand? Did he have a lot of good Thai friends/social circle? I'd say probably not. Many are initially attracted to "cheap superficialities" (luxury, sex, etc.) in Thailand. If you live here more than 3 years, you are faced with the situation of either: integrating into Thai society... or painfully resisting it... year after year after year, resulting in becoming bitter, unhappy, resentful, and isolated. Thailand isn't the problem.
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