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  1. You are exactly the kind of person they want to get rid of. Spending money on travelling. Terrible. The pensioners on TV will not be happy.
  2. I know a girl freelancing in Pattaya. In the past she would send her Mother money and bought a food stall for her. Now her Mum is sending her money cause she claims she hasn't had a client in 3 months. I said "Why not go back to the Village She said her ex husband is a yaba addict and would kill her if she did and showed me a scar running 4 inches up her stomach from the last time he stabbed her.
  3. Yes but most of these visitors mentioned are from China and Russia. I wonder if they estimated it on number of room nights booked would be different. 6 people to a room isn't really world class.
  4. Dtittabawan on Sukumvit Rd has a lot of people living in the abandoned buildings there. Often on the songtaew someone smells really bad and you can tell they will get out there.
  5. I walked down Soi 6 last night around sunset and there were hundreds of girls and no farung. I felt quite sad about how they are going to survive all this.
  6. It only takes an amnesty post to bring out the worst in all the pensioners sitting in the bar gloating "I've got a valid visa. The rest of you can go and spend weeks in hospital in agony with the virus" They probably forget that in the past they have spent years in Asia in easy visa situations. It is funny how they post " There are flights out" but they need to add"to most places". Unless they are to all countries how can they feel it is fair being forced to leave? Easy. Just get a letter from your embassy. I come from Australia and they are being compassionate to Thai citizens staying there. They just need to email immigration for an extension. Why would the Australian Embassy do all this extra work to write letters for Immigration when Australia is treating Thai citizens so fairly and all Immigration need to do is look online to see it is very difficult for people to return to Australia at present.
  7. All the horrible things that bwpage3 talks about. Just cheaper than other places.
  8. As you know Kerry proper name is Soi Pothole . Was at the bar you mentioned across from Canterbury Tales last week early evening. Was quite fun. The triangle bar was quite busy. Earlier at LK Metro. I rovers quite busy even daytime. A lot of places open. I was surprised to see so many farung around.
  9. Australia. Throughout the Pandemic extensions have been done by email. These days Australian airports dont even stamp passports or issue visas in passports. Everything online.
  10. I opened at Krungsri Pattaya central last month with a non O me visa in my passport. Bangkok Bank and the Green one next door both refused me for different reasons.
  11. Hi Peter. I know you said speculation but is it up to immigration? I had the impression from immigration's statements in the press before these measures were announced that they want all the short stayers out but Cabinet decided otherwise and gave another 60 days.
  12. Yes the limit of 30 people per flight makes it difficult. If they had any sense they would increase the numbers of passengers and limit the number of flights. I can't see any logic to the present situation.
  13. It is if you are trying to get there. I have bought my 2nd ticket there. The first was cancelled and given a voucher. I have another ticket but am expecting it to be cancelled from latest report. Even if it isn't cancelled it is to Sydney which is 1000 kms from Melbourne. At present Melbourne is in lockdown. The airport is closed and I don't think there are even buses. I could walk. Otherwise can be homeless in Sydney.
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