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  1. YouTube has a lot. I like this girl because she always includes written text in the clip description but there are many more. Learn Thai with mod ok. Thaipod101 is ok but has lots of dated and unnecessary words. Stu Jay Ray has the best tone, and pronunciation resources in my opinion.
  2. I continually find I need to empty my cookies.
  3. I find I am continually needing to clear my cookies and then logging in again. Has been going on for months.
  4. Sadly she claims she is standing up for the Thai people but in the article it explains that her husband's company, who own this forum, is having a legal battle with the transport minister who she led the vote against. As you say, a lot more to this story than just attention seeking.
  5. Imagine how many will be jumping over fences to steal plants. They have put themselves in this situation with the deal with Anutin. He was elected by telling them all he would legalize. Then the junta needed him for a majority. If Anutin doesn't carry through he will lose his support. Classic Catch 22.
  6. I used to smoke leaf all the time. A bit like drinking low alcohol beer.
  7. I had a problem with a new passport. I think the TM 30 is linked to the passport number on the TM6 you fill out when you enter the country. It is a flaw in the system and can not be changed. I filled out a new tm30 at Jomtien when I transferred the stamps. I went to a different province to get an extension and the hotel did an online report. The Immigration officer showed me the screen and there was no record of the hotel report or the last one I had filed at Jomtien. It still had my old passport number on the screen. Just a warning if you go to another province office or try to lodge a new t
  8. Is funny these posts that ask for things then complain when people offer suggestions.
  9. Useful. You say .5/1 baht a sheet. Do you know how many pages for .5 baht? I pay 1 b a page for 170 pages near 3rd road and Klang.
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