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  1. I went to the police station on the beach a few weeks back. They were giving free haircuts.
  2. I emptied my cookies and now back to normal
  3. What does Chiang Mai have to do with the post. This is the Pattaya forum. How can you know about new massage shops opening in Pattaya if you are in Chiang Mai
  4. I dont think anyone is opening shops at the moment so I don't see any relevance. The post is are about how shops are doing during Covid. No one is talking about a normal high season situation. I doubt any of them are getting 3 or 4 customers a day at present.
  5. The problem with your thoughts is that they do not work all day. If they only have 1 or 2 massages a day how do they survive.
  6. I don't know if it is because I use my phone to look at the forum but it seems really slow after the upgrade. For example I was on the main page and it took about 30 seconds to load the support page. I don't think I am being impatient?
  7. Thanks. Have been there. Good to know it is open. I usually go to the one across from Central Marina but is closed ATM.
  8. Is hard to just pay them 80b though. I end up virtually paying the same once have tipped them.
  9. Yes Im pretty sure it was the new passport was the problem. He showed me the screen and there was just no entry. Maybe the hotel lied and didn't report me but I'm pretty sure I had done a Tm30 at Jomtien in person with the new passport number and there was just no record of my new passport. I went to the bank to get a new ATM card a few weeks back and I think she had a similar problem. The system is locked to the tm6 number you get when you arrive and the passport number associated with it. Until I leave and return with a new tm6 number I'll have the same problem. I don't think the expired n
  10. Yes had a terrible night on Soi 4 Nana and Nana Plaza. They really treated me like I wish I deserved. Lord help us from such punishment. It is so hard to have 3 people in a hotel bed.
  11. Mtt is giving 60 days, Jomtien is giving 40 days. Are you suggesting it is better to pay 1900b for 40 days than pay 1900b for 60 days?
  12. Had a fun few days at different immigration's. Am Australian and it is very difficult to get flights home. Had an expired non o me and had used 60 day extension at Jomtien. Was hoping to get 60 days and didn't mind a trip to BKK so went to a hotel in BKK. They promised they would report me to immigration but would not give me a screen shot of the report. Next day was in no hurry so went to Mo Chit bts. If you cross to the park side where the airport buses leave there are vans. I caught for 25 baht to Pal Kret. The driver was very helpful. I just showed her Thinderdome the sports field and wh
  13. I guess times have changed. At least she can work and live there until is approved. I'm sure if people arrived in Thailand and could get a job immediately with no restrictions and did not need to go to Immigration regularly and queue up at the whim of Immigration officers half their age like they can once they apply for a visa In Australia, people would be happier with the Thai system. In Australia you don't even need to be married. My friend is getting a pr for his girlfriend- not even officially married.
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