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  1. A good manager would say "I'm sorry we are so busy. We will be with you really soon"
  2. No profit during the pandemic seems hard to believe. Pfizer say they have made 3.5 billion from the vaccine.
  3. The government has used the virus to politically control people and have manipulated laws and situations for their own benefit for years. They have a very low credibility rating in the eyes of the Thai people so the people are more likely to believe conspiracies than anything the government tells them. They won't take Chinese vaccine because the Chinese have been selling stuff that breaks immediately for years so why would their vaccine be safe? The government and 'its supporters' will benefit financially from Astrazeneca so why would they obey if they are told to take it. My brother and sis
  4. I was wondering if you can even get one. A few weeks back there was a shortage of testing kits.
  5. I know the guy who owns Easy Corner Bar near the market in Soi Bukhao was selling off his rental motorbikes. Maybe he has some left. If not maybe some of the other guesthouses will sell. Bike shop near the hospital in Bukhao also seems to have a lot of farung hanging around. Maybe they could help you.
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