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  1. Yeah. I missed that he was over 18 which was silly of me considering what he did.
  2. They are waiting till they produce Astrazeneca as they have a lot politically invested in it. My wife says people (her family included) will not take it as it supposedly killed a monk. Thais seem very easily influenced by gossip.
  3. He should support his child. In other countries he would be forced to but in Thailand there is no obligation to take money out of salaries to pay maintenance. If the father is working in the US he could send a little each month to help.
  4. Taking into account cost of rehabilitation and hospital expenses is probably accurate. Australia has an add on to car registration that covers road industry. It is a large amount I think over 2/3's of total government fees.
  5. If they are already positive it is a bit late to worry about getting infected. I doubt exposure would change asymptomatic to symptomatic.
  6. I suppose thinking left of field but wonder if it would be that bad. if everyone in the hospital already has the virus there would be no need for social distancing. I suppose no alcohol allowed but I wonder how strict the male/female separation is. Being stuck in a hospital with hundreds of bored Thai females seems an interesting concept to me. I'm not volunteering to go and find out.
  7. My brother in law drives 100kms in the 80 zone. No seatbelts. Kids crawling around the place.
  8. Can you get some kind of proof from the hostel like a screenshot of the submission. I think that I read the tm30 site is down. There is a post recently about it. I can't say otherwise. Ubonjoe the moderator might help if you pm him.
  9. passport. passport size photo, photocopies of photo page, copy of last visa you had, copy of tm6 you entered on. if you miss any they jave a copy service.. You need to have done a tm30 for the Bangkok area or had a hotel report you as staying there.
  10. My friend has a visa agent in Germany. He has been told he needs to have a date of vaccination for his visa to Thailand. He is waiting to get the vaccination so does not know what the date will be. I told him to go to the consulate in Germany but he says they are hard to contact. Has anyone heard about needing a vaccination date?. Thanks.
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