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  1. We don't need to do any home work and we don't assume. I think you're living in a bubble.
  2. If the papers are ok, it doesn't take that long to get the annual extension done, unless you're doing it in BKK,and it me cost 1900 baht.
  3. It doesn't matter who checks you in. The law says that every hotel and guesthouse has to report foreigners,unless you are a permanent resident. If the don't ask for your passport,they are breaking the law,and maybe they are not even licensed. Your pink ID-card means nothing according to the law,it only says that you have a yellow house book. I don't understand why you and so many others don't understand this. I don't care if the place where I'm staying doesn't submit the TM30, I'm just telling you that they have to do it. Immigration offices in Thailand have being ordered from BKK to enforce the law. Some offices are showing leniency,though.
  4. You're very naive. People leaving every 90 days, wants to leave every 90 days because they don't want to visit any immigration office because of in some cases the 90 days report. Don't argue with people who actually have a clue what's going on. Of course there are people with work permits and they are allowed to come and go, but there are a huge amount of people with 90 days Non-imm O with ME, who's leaving every 90 days because they don't want to be reported/in the system anywhere. The 90 days Non-imm ED Visa are now under scrutiny because there are so many so called "teachers" all over the place,and many of them don't meet the official requirements.
  5. Tourists are staying in hotels and guesthouses, and the manager or someone else working there are by law required to submit a TM30 for every FOREIGNER. Understand? Long staying people like retirees have to do it themselves or a landlord or someone else it does it for them. This is so easy to understand, but people on this forum can't read or understand anything. This is not a new law, it's 40 years old,but the IO's have started to enforce it a bit harder lately. That's all!
  6. What I don't understand is why Bangkok Bank in Khon Kaen doesn't have same routines as in for example BKK or Chonburi. Immigration offices have always done things different depending on province,but a big bank like Bangkok Bank should have same routines every where in Thailand.
  7. If you never do 90 days reports or extensions at immigration,then TM30 doesn't really concern you. The TM6 is not same as a TM30. But for us with Long stay visas/retirement visas, the TM30 needs to be submitted by someone,and at several immigration offices it's totally impossible to apply for another 1 year extension without a previous report, no matter what some people keep posting here. The 90 days report will also be a problem.
  8. Holders of UK,most EU country passports are eligible to travel to the USA for up to 90 days under the Visa Waiver Program. An ESTA approval is required.
  9. If you leave every 90 days then you never do any 90 days reports. So the TM30 doesn't really concern you. The problem pops up when doing extensions and 90 days reports.
  10. In this thread people using BB says they had to deposit a minimum amount. I don't know who to believe.
  11. The bank book is bright orange instead of the dark blue book for a savings account. Otherwise it has the same pattern. Google it and you will see.
  12. You are not supposed to withdraw money from a fixed deposit account. If you start with 800k you have 812k in 1 year with 1,5% interest, at Bangkok Bank. That's the purpose with a FDA.
  13. One reason for having let's say 800k in a FDA is the much better interest. 12000 baht interest in 1 year.
  14. Why? Because the IO was wrong? You actually get 12000 baht in interest for 800k in 1 year at Bangkok Bank. That's the good part using a FDA.
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