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  1. I know what my office requires, and I only make copies of the stuff they want. Easier and quicker when inside the copy-shop and less signatures.
  2. At Bangkok Bank and Kasikorn Bank if having a Fixed Deposit Account, you can update the bank book in the update machines. There will be a new line written with the date and current balance. Can't get easier. You won't get your extension at most immigration offices without an updated bank book, no matter what type of account you have.
  3. It takes maybe 3 min (incl waiting) at Jomtien Immigration on a Thursday after lunch.
  4. Sooner or later he would have been caught anyway. You can't hide forever. But of course someone ratted him out.
  5. Yes, the bank book has to be updated and the balance must match the bank letter if using the money in the bank method.
  6. I'm using Goose VPN, $2.99/month. That gives me 50GB/month,which is ok for me.
  7. Please tell me what a 6 month statement is proof of? Imo there was no need for a statement at all. From March 1,yes. If they asked for a statement,it should have been a 12 month statement.
  8. The IO will just think "what's the matter with this guy" and give back every piece of paper he/she doesn't want. If you want to be "The applicant of the week", you provide "EXACTLY" what they want. Not one copy to much or less.
  9. I have had a box for 2 years already,and a few friends have boxes,too. When I'm talking about Netflix, I don't mean some Netflix tv-series streamed on other apps. One of my friends have Netflix in his box,but he's got a subscription and needs to log in. I bet you don't have the Netflix app. I can watch some Netflix tv-series streamed on cable, but that doesn't mean I watch Netflix.
  10. You're a bit naive. I guess you don't have a clue about schools in Thailand and how they work. I know 4 english teachers, one from England, 1 from the US and 2 from Canada. The one from England worked up in Isaan. She was told from a thai female teacher that she didn't pronounce the words correct. She asked why, that's not the way we pronounce it,was the answer. My friend isn't the type of woman who takes <deleted> from anybody, especially not a totally useless thai teacher out in the sticks. You can probably guess what she told her. Never compare schools in BKK with schools in rural areas. These 4 teachers gets so frustrated some times about other teachers or headmasters who think they know everything. If you have to teach Thai teachers how to teach English so they in turn can teach kids,then the teachers have to be young and already be able to speak quite good English. Every lesson in Thai schools are just a monologue from the teacher and in many cases useless. There's been so many reports from exchange students when coming back home,telling everybody it was a total waste of time. They learned about Thailand,but nothing in school.
  11. Why not calling the immigration office? You don't have that many options.
  12. You can edit any PDF,even if it's digitally signed. I guess you're thinking about doing it using Acrobat. There are other ways.
  13. Having an Android box doesn't mean free Netflix by default.
  14. I am in Jomtien, and it's dry here as well. Can't remember the last time it rained during the day.
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