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  1. Start with cancelling your scheduled payments from your bank account.
  2. It depends on where you live. In some provinces it's useful,in others, totally useless. It's actually just a proof of having a yellow house book.
  3. I think an official paper from a company as a guarantee of having a job will be enough to enter. OP being a shareholder won't probably be enough.
  4. You asked: "What am I missing?" About everything imo. You have everything in wrong order. Nothing will happen without the Elite Visa or a successful application to show the Thai embassy in your home country. After that it's up to the embassy. You can't book any tickets on commercial flights, everything is about repatriation.
  5. Many of these teachers are already hired and was stranded back home. Do you have any idea how many Filipino/Filipina teachers there are in Thailand, especially in BKK and Chiang Mai during a normal year? There are loads of them. Many of them have probably borrowed the money for the quarantine.
  6. The only way is through the Thai embassy in London. Keep calling or emailing them.
  7. If you go for an extension based on retirement (if at least 50 years old) using an agent, you might get it for 25k.
  8. You sound like a newbie. Why do you think a lot of people uses agents? Because they don't meet the requirements.
  9. When was the first wave? About 3200 cases (officially) and 58 deaths is maybe a ripple at the most.
  10. "People do have "the correct visas". If you work on for example an oil rigg,yes. But,there are loads of 90 days border hoppers with a Thai wife who don't work outside Thailand and are doing endless border runs.
  11. Have you read about the new visas in Vietnam and Cambodia. I think not. They're are no more 3 months visas in Vietnam which you could extend in-country. When using an agent in Cambodia you can get a 1 year extension for little less than the equivalent of 10,000 baht. Cambodia are even about to start with their own TM30 reporting system which so many here complains about. So, move to one of those countries if you want. I prefer to pay 1,900 baht/year at immigration which every year takes less than 10 min. Don't talk about people not meeting the official requirements who pays for the stay using agents. It's up to them if they can afford it. Do you even live in Thailand?
  12. I wasn't talking about people with families. I was talking about those who are using the amnesties to be able to stay longer for free,and when suddenly realizing that they might have to leave by air paying for a quite expensive one way ticket, starts to complain about immigration.
  13. Have you heard the comment from several immigration officers: "Get the correct Visa"! Do you think Thailand is the place to live and start a family in if you don't meet any financial requirements and the only solution is endless border runs? Vietnam has changed their visas from July 1 and Cambodia are on their way to change their visas. I think they've already started. I wouldn't be very surprised if it will happen here as well.
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