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  1. The strong Bath is very convenient for the Thai politicians...who getting ther income in Bath....so if the bath is strong they can buy more USD,EUR or CHF or whatever they want.....hehehehehe. They dont give a vok about Thailand or Tourism or the lower class Thai people. Its all a monkey show. Hans.
  2. I realy liked Vietnam...Vung Tau was very laid back....could walk even late at night arround dark streets..No hassles...no probs. No beggars. Saw many older Aussie vets living there. Saigon imho is way to hectic..during rush hours these lunnies even drive their motobikes on the sidewalks.!!! Terrible. I was glad to leave after 2 days. The only thing i did not like about Vietnam were the realy hard bed matrasses...in the hotels:-( Very hard..not comfortable at all. Viet ladies are taller then Thai (on average)...and imho prettier. Very easy to make contact...even though most do not speak english...or low level. Vietnam also has GREAT tasty coffee..!!! Number one in the region. Their food certainly was on par with Thai food...or even better imho. I am planning an extensive trip to Vietnam and Malaysia This December and January..!! Thailand is done for me. Too touristic...too expensive...too unfriendly...and their government is too corrupt. Certainly NOT an option for a longterm stay. my 2 € cents. Good night. Hans
  3. NO!! Absolute <deleted>. God does not excist. Its just a fairy tale imho. I was born and raised catholic...but since 25 years or so I am completely Atheist. I even refuse to enter Churches..temples or whatsoever religeous buildings. All this religeous humbug has caused the world much suffering...pain... and deaths. If I see the treath that Islam and some other extreme religeous fanatics are making towards the world nowadays its just frightening. They truly want us back in the stone age. Hans.
  4. Having a Chinese partner who is involved with Real Estate I can NOT confirm this at all. I know many condos are EMPTY in HH...and AFAIK prices are still falling. I even saw complete BLOCKS that were empty!! I realy see nice condos for as low as 10.000 Bath a month...!! Sure you see these NOT on various internet sites...but if you are on location..you will find them. I think prices will fall further....for sure if the Thai Bath stays strong...like it is now and with more and more tourists looking to other countries in SEA then Thailand. Personaly i still think much Thai real estate is way overrpiced....offering low quality build...for ridiculy high prices. Excuse my English. take care all Hans.
  5. I am happy that I did nor open this can of worms...after 16 days in Thailand and Vietnam I can say that longterm stay in Thailand defo NOT is easy...for sure (like in my case) if you do NOT have a Thai partner. I met to understand that a Longterm (1 year) Viet visum (ME) can simply be bought for 550 USD...!! Yes thats right.... I found Vietnam surprisingly open end friendly...less scams too...and way cheaper as Thailand...allthough I must say WHY O why they do have such hard matresses in Vietnam...we were in 3 different places...and in al 3 hotels very hard matrases:-(...NOT good...a real attack on my back:-( Andf NO they were NOT low budget hotels...for anyone who might think that. Other negative thing was the horrible traffic in Saigon...but then again...is this so much better in BKK??? I doubt it. Thats why i dont like to stay long time in large cities...too much raffic...too much smog:-( I rented a motobike in Vietnam for 4 days...and had much fun...didnt see any police at all..!! Great way to discover Vung Tau. If I read the Thai visa forum threads regarding longterm visa it makes me wonder WHY people even want to stay in a country were they (obvioulsly) make visa rules realy hard. NO offence.....but it sets me off....it gives a very negative vibe towards forreigners imho. Then again..I for my part have an easy talking as I am not aligned with a Thai lady.... OO btw...i found out there are DIRECT flights from HUa Hin Airport to Malaysia (KL)...cost about 120 euros (back and forth)...realy cheapo..!! Take about 1.5 hours. Will try that sometime in future. Now I know why i saw many Malaysian people in Hua Hin. All in all Thailand still is a realy beautiful country...with lovely food and great looking ladies.....but if i were to stay there longterm..I surely would retink again. cheers...and take care all. Hans (back in grey boring Germany:-(
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